Weekly Tarot Reading: April 2 – April 9

1. Past – 7 of Swords | 2. Present – The Devil | 3. Future – The Empress | 4. Advice – 4 of Wands | 5. Advice – 8 of Swords | 6. Obstacle – 8 of Wands | 7. Outcome – 8 of Pentacles | 8. Oracle Confirmation – Coventina

Numerological breakdown: 7+(1+5)+3+4+8+8+8=44=8

As you can see, the number 8 is very heavily present in this reading; some common themes associated with number 8 are: karma, “what you reap is what you sow,” finally getting to enjoy the fruits of your labor, monetary/financial abundance.


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So we start out our reading with the 7 of Swords, which is representing here the power of the past; my interpretation here as it would apply for the common collective consciousness, is that for a lot of us, our current situation may be founded upon past deceit. Whether you were deceiving a friend, family member, lover, or even yourself, I get the feeling that in our recent past, there was some sort of “hiding” going on. Take a moment to reflect upon the past few weeks, or even months… Is there any aspect of your life within that time in which you weren’t being 100% genuine, authentic, or honest? If so, how is that deceptive behavior affecting your life now?

In the present we see the Devil… I feel like this is such a fitting card to go along with the 7 of Swords in our past. Devil speaks of bondage, addiction, self-imposed imprisonment, hedonism; while the 7 of swords was highlighting our tendencies to be secretive/deceptive, we now see a card that alludes to our being restrained by a trap of our own making. The Devil serves us as a wake-up call: Are you somehow “hooked” onto whatever string of bullshit you’ve been carefully crafting lately? Devil reminds you that it is possible to become addicted to anything, even to keeping up facades and appearances. I really have this feeling that Devil here is reminding us to stop giving into the craving to fulfill whatever persona, role, fantasy, etc we feel like we need to fill. Remember that it’s 100% up to you to stop giving in to this craving, and to simply BE. Tune into that root chakra, find who the f*ck you are, and just be THAT, set yourself free from all chains and bondage… YOU are the one who put the shackles on to begin with the moment you decided to stop being genuine. Like I said before, the Devil and the 7 of Swords together hold such a profound meaning. In some eastern traditions for tarot reading, the 7 of swords speaks of being held prisoner by your own thoughts or feelings of the past. See how many mentions there are of being bound?? YOU NEED TO LET GO! I know melancholy is addictive as hell, but for the love of god please just let that go and allow yourself to be free! Maybe you’re not being directly “deceptive” per se, in the terms of lying or withholding information… Maybe the way you are deceiving yourself, and keeping yourself captive is by looking back onto the past TOO MUCH (venus retrograde anyone??), so much so, that you eventually wind up living in some fallacious ass version of reality that is like 80% a figment of your imagination. Again, being grounded in the here and now is SO important! MINDFULNESS PEOPLE!

The Empress in the future is a fantastic omen, however. While in our past and present we had hints of deceit and bondage, the Empress denotes that (should you get your ish together and start living genuinely and from the heart) there is nothing but blessings and bounty to come. The Empress can be interpreted to mean blessings in literally any way: monetary, love, birth of a baby, launching of a new career project, etc. I am getting the sense that this reading overall is really highlighting to us that we are literally the ONLY thing standing in our own way when it comes to manifesting our deepest desires. Once you can stop blocking your own blessings by living from a place of fear, and you begin living from a place of true and authentic love, you will see your dreams come to fruition.

We move onto the 4 of Wands as our advice… And to me, the very first thing that comes to mind, is the fact that the Empress and the 4 of Wands are sometimes considered to be like, twin cards. They hold a very similar meaning, sort of like the two of cups and the lovers. Seeing the 4 of Wands as advice, right after seeing the Empress in our future, really gives me the sense that the universe is REALLY stressing this: GET OUT OF YOUR OWN WAY HOMIE!!!! Good shit is on its way to you, literally all you need to do, is open yourself up to the blessings. Let go of all that does not serve you: old programming and beliefs, inauthentic thoughts or feelings, fear-based and low-vibrational emotions and energies. You are the master craftsman of your reality: Do the spiritual maintenance and see that little seed grow into a giant fruit-bearing tree right before your very eyes.

Second bit of advice: 8 of Swords, again speaking of self imposed bondage…. Universe is again stressing the importance of being firmly rooted in our current, present reality. If you are too caught up in some random issue from the past, or your irrational feelings about the situation, how can you possibly see what’s right in front of you? Just take a look at the card itself, and you will see depicted a swan who is seemingly trapped… Except it ISN’T trapped. There’s a giant ass gap through which it could escape… But in its panic frenzy, it forgets to take a good look to get a better picture of just what its options truly are. Do yourself a favor: take a hard look at your surroundings and truly assess the situation before you start losing your shit, chances are there is an answer right in front of you.

For our obstacle we see the 8 of Wands, which is a card that personally reminds me a lot of the astrological sign Aries. 8 of Wands is all about fast movement and action; seeing it as an obstacle in this reading gives me the sense that maybe at the moment a lot of us may be getting too caught up in all of the fiery energy we have seen lately… Momentum is a great thing to have in moderation. When we have too much of it, we become like a giant heavy boulder that gets pushed off a slick, slippery hill… That shit is not gonna stop until it hits something or someone, and being crushed by a boulder sounds like a real shitty way to die to be completely honest. So, essentially, 8 of Wands as an obstacle is reminding us to pace ourselves, and to find a balance between having the momentum to get things moving, and the timing to make sure it all unfolds in the most organic and beneficial way possible.

Our Outcome card is the 8 of Pentacles…. As an outcome card I feel like it’s mostly giving us a message that reinforces the advice given to us by the Empress and the 4 of Wands. 8 of Pentacles is a card that speaks of apprenticeship, diligence, and mastery; when we think about these things, we usually think immediately of an indefinite period of “hard work,” but I think that as an outcome it is mostly referring to what comes WITH the mastery and diligence: Through this hard work of doing the spiritual maintenance, of being true to yourself, and living from the heart, you will attain a level of wisdom and spiritual prowess that is vital to achieving everything you have been striving for. This card reminds us to embody the spider who, after hours of carefully spinning her web, now gets to sit back and relax at her brand new home, waiting for a tasty meal to fly by, and whatever other stuff spiders do…. Yeah…. You get the point lol. The focus is on the bliss that comes AFTER you have finally mastered that one thing you have been working so diligently at.

Last but not least, we have Coventina as our Oracle Goddess…. Coventina advices us to purify our body, mind, and soul. Coventina is a gentle reminder that our bodies are always communicating with us, and giving us queues of exactly what we need. Listen to your body as to what it is that you need to start doing, and stop doing in order to attain an overall level of homeostasis, whether that is on a physical, emotional, or spiritual level. This card is all about eliminating all that which does not serve us: bad habits, negative thinking patterns, old trauma. Thus reinforcing the overall message from the reading: to purge yourself of everything that is not serving to align you with your higher purpose.

To summarize: Stay true to yourself ALWAYS. Stop being deceitful, hiding in your own shadow is the quickest way to block your own blessings. Keep your thoughts and your energy pure, and work at maintaining balance when pursuing your dreams. Remember to always own your power and stop just chilling in prisons of your own making for shits and giggles. You are a divine, cosmic, omnipotent being…. START ACTING LIKE IT.

With much (tough) love and light, until next week!