Weekly Tarot Reading: April 9th – April 16th

Judgment (Reversed) | 8 of Cups | 7 of Wands | Kuan Yin | Rhiannon | Bast

Numerological Breakdown: 2+8+7=17=8       As we can see, the number 8 is still a recurring theme since we also saw that as the main number in last week’s reading; number 8 is heavily tied to abundance, manifestation, infinity, authority, personal power, confidence, karma.

Our first card in this week’s reading: Judgment. I feel like this card is very telling of the fact that Mercury just stationed retrograde today; in its upright position judgment calls for a period of introspection and evaluation, and reversed it can serve as a much less subtle reminder of the same lesson. In the reversed position, judgment is a harsh wake up call to the reality that sometimes, no matter how fast everything around us is moving, we MUST find time to slow down and reflect. Are you allowing yourself the time and space that you need to do some soul searching? Now that our friend Mercury is doing its little backwards dance, we need to be really careful when being reflective: while it is always beneficial to look upon the past to try and make sense of our experiences and the lessons they bring, sometimes it can be easy to take this as an opportunity to indulge in self pity. Judgment reversed encourages us to dive deep into the heart of everything that surrounds us, in an objective and constructive way. Remember to never attach judgment (in the over-critical, contemptuous context), you must remain a neutral observer.

While judgment encourages us to be introspective, 8 of cups invites us to take it one step further and REALLY dive deep into the core of things. You can be introspective while never actually getting to any meaningful conclusions, and this usually occurs when we focus on trivial, shallow aspects of a situation rather than daring to see the big picture. 8 of cups serves as a reminder that we must occasionally take a deep plunge into our own subconscious and really reflect upon the things that matter the most to us: maybe you have been focusing too much on things that don’t actually bring you any satisfaction or happiness, or that don’t actually nourish your spirit in any way. It’s time to figure out which aspects of your life are not serving you any longer, and finding what it is that will truly bring you peace. Stop pouring your energy into situations/people that are simply sapping the life out of you and instead invest in yourself: Spiritual pursuits are much encouraged at this time as 8 of cups is symbolic of the deepest pits of our subconscious. How well do you truly know yourself? Maybe it’s time to figure that out!

7 of Wands is a card that has a lot of energy…. Maybe even some friction. I really get the sense that this card in the context of this reading is giving us some advice: Even in the most uncontrollable of scenarios, we can always control ourselves and our reactions to said scenarios. 7 of Wands speaks of competition, challenge, struggle. I believe it’s giving us a hint that, with any bit of success that we achieve, there will always be some sort of resistance we will have to meet. Stand your ground and stand up for yourself, or crumble underneath the pressure, it’s all up to you. Perseverance, confidence, and a clarity of purpose can get even the weakest of weaklings through even the toughest of times. Whether we are already experiencing struggle, or it’s yet to come, keep in mind that nothing/no one can make you bow down unless you bend at the knee.

Kuan Yin is a goddess that in this reading, is really stressing the message of releasing all thoughts and feelings of self doubt and judgment. Keep your thoughts towards yourself (and others, since how you treat others is a direct reflection of how you feel about yourself) pure and loving. Focus on the light within yourself and everything around you; anything can be overcome when you are acting from a place of acceptance and understanding for yourself.

Rhiannon, the sorceress, bears a message of confirmation. Now is the time to be firm in your thoughts and in your decisions: whatever seed you plant will bear fruits, is this seed going to harvest fear and lack or is it going to harvest love and abundance? That’s all up to you! Have faith in yourself and the fact that the universe is complicit in your utmost success. You deserve whatever it is you’ve been working to attain!

Last but not least, we have Bast, who is both a sun and moon goddess. I really get the sense that this is very symbolic of the duality that already exists within each and every one of us: there is both dark and light, male and female, destruction and creation, all simultaneously existing in perfect harmony. Bast reminds us that, we are all already whole, and as such we have no actual need for anybody else. While it can be nice to have the company of others, this should serve as a compliment to the sense of absolute wholeness that we already feel by ourselves. Spend some time alone, bask in your individuality, make sure your needs are met. YOU are important and interesting and deserving of YOUR undivided attention once in a while don’t you think?

To summarize: This week is all about ensuring we have a good start to Mercury retrograde. While this astrological phenomenon is infamous for disrupting our day to day equilibrium, it doesn’t actually have to be like that. This is a period of self reflection, necessary for us to remain aligned with our highest good. Get to the core of things, focus on the aspects of your life that TRULY matter and will continue to matter in the long run. Be kind to yourself, have faith in yourself, be your own #1 fan and cheerleader. KICK THIS PESKY RETROGRADE IN THE ASS!

Much (tough) love and light, until next week 🙂

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