Leo Solar Eclipse Oracle Reading – August 21st 2017

Solar Eclipses bring us final endings and new beginnings; within astrology they are seen as some sort of a turning point that unfolds during a period of about 6 months. With a Solar Eclipse coming our way on Monday August 21st, a new era is about to begin for all of us (especially in the United States, since the eclipse will transit from coast to coast.

To see the main themes affecting the collective consciousness I have pulled a set of 3 spreads referring to the themes affecting each individual within the collective; choose the spread (set of three cards) that calls to you the most, and scroll down to see the interpretations:








Did you choose your spread yet?? If so, these are the results:



Spread 1

  • Eireen
  • Judgment
  • The Angel Razbar

Spread 2

  • Diana
  • Ten of Wands
  • The Dissolving Light

Spread 3

  • Damara
  • The Tower
  • Sacred Union


Spread 1 (Left)
Eireen brings a message about remaining calm in the midst of chaos; this Solar Eclipse is bringing about change, endings and beginnings for everyone in general. For you specifically though, it may bring certain changes that appear to be nothing but trouble, chaos, uncertainty. There is something unsettling about this change that could so easily send you down a tailspin of fear and dread. Yet- Eireen reminds you that this chaos is nothing but a blessing in disguise. The structures that crumble around you at this time do so because they are truly not meant to be in your life; if you went to the doctor and they accidentally discovered a suspicious mole that needed to be removed, would you decline treatment because the thought of getting a piece of your skin sliced off sounds unpleasant? Removing a tumor is no exciting feat; it is a painful chore and yet it NEEDS to be done. You would do well to cease obsessing over the negative implications that this excision entails and just be excited about being rid of something that does not serve you. This Solar Eclipse brings about so much transformation and change: upgrades. Embrace the growing pains and look at them as a sign that you are indeed growing. Use this knowledge to cultivate a sense of inner peace that will lead you through the transformation, that will render you a clear and open channel for the upgrades that are coming your way. Everything that is unfolding at this Eclipse is happening for a reason: trust that the events before you are here for your highest good and make your peace with the situation at hand. Remember that peace comes from within: worrying and fearing the future is equivalent to actively praying for your worst fears to come true. Instead, find the part of you that knows this is all for the best. Become a magnet for happy endings by knowing that all endings are always happy (in some way.) There is nothing to fear.
The Judgment card in Tarot holds significance that very much aligns to that of Mercury Retrograde (which we are currently in right now, until September 5th.) Judgment entails a period in which we are holding ourselves accountable by way of introspection and reflection. Much like a Mercury Retrograde, Judgment shows us going within to be brutally honest with ourselves. Holding off on taking any real action and instead just stopping to think for a moment. We are reviewing every aspect of our being: the way we live our life, where we are going, what we really want. Judgment can denote a rebirth or transformation of some sort: the next step after such a deep period of reflection is to use this newfound information to change ourselves entirely. I sense that this Eclipse will be somewhat of a turning point: the momentum has been building up since Mercury went Retrograde on August 12th, or even before that since Chiron went Retrograde on June 30th. Come Solar Eclipse all of this momentum we have built up (by literally rethinking our entire lives) will finally be released when we come to a sort of “awakening moment.” This awakening may come as an epiphany, a clear realization, or a feeling that washes over you. It may even come as a tangible event or change that physically steers you in a certain direction. However this awakening presents itself, simply embrace it. When the time feels right (you will know!) use the knowledge and wisdom you have been cultivating in tandem with your intuition to take action: crystallize this awakening and bring it into physical reality.
Angel Razbar
The Angel Razbar brings you the reassurance you need to continue charging towards your goals: there is something you have been actively pursuing, a calling you have been discovering. You know that you are meant to serve the collective somehow, yet there is a part of you that remains doubtful. This doubt is being eradicated; you are shedding all fear that holds you back like a snake sheds its skin. This Eclipse brings you assurance that the path you are on is the right path: sanctioned by the Divine. This thing you have been pursuing isn’t just some silly desire; you desired it to begin with because your heart center tuned into the reality that is meant to become your own. You must remain certain in this pursuit of yours. This is you creating your share of Dharma: divine order. Do not doubt your ability to fulfill your path, for this is the way in which you can bring the biggest amount of good for the collective. Embrace all changes that are upon you at this time and work to dissolve all fear and doubt that may prevent you from embracing the blessings at your disposal. Have faith in yourself: the Angel Razbar is here to guide you and lift these burdens off of you. The Universe always helps those with pure intentions; you are in the midst of following your divine path, so why on earth WOULDN’T the universe intervene to ensure you succeed? Quit worrying your pretty little head and instead rejoice. Bask in the bliss that comes with knowing that you are on the right path and getting closer and closer each and every day.

Spread 2 (Middle)
Solar Eclipses tend to bring about chaotic endings and changes; there is so much that is up in the air at this time, and you would do well to work on remaining grounded and focused. Do like the ballerina, who keeps her eyes focused on a fixed spot on the wall as she spins around and around endlessly. By keeping her vision fixated on this one spot, she is able to remain centered, to avoid becoming dizzy and disoriented. You may not be spinning right now but the world around you surely is! How to do you keep yourself from getting swept up in all this commotion? Diana advises you to remain focused on yourself, your priorities and needs. Find your constant and keep yourself fixated on that: everything else is just white noise that is not worthy of your attention. Diana is known for her love of Oak trees: be like an Oak whose roots reach so deep into the earth and that even the mightiest of winds cannot uproot it. It may loose some leaves or even branches, but the tree itself will remain standing, upright, stronger than ever. It is because of winds that trees/plants adapt to have strong root systems and stems to keep them standing through these perilous times. Embrace these winds and stand your ground, knowing that afterwards your foundation will be so much stronger than it was before. If you can remain focused through these hectic times, there is no way you will not make your mark when it comes time to strike.
Ten of Wands
The Ten of Wands is representative of a harvest: the moment in which after months of waiting our garden is bearing fruits, but yet we still need to break our backs collecting these fruits, ripping them off the trees and digging our vegetables out of the ground. There is always some additional work that comes with reaping the fruits of our labor, and this Eclipse is the time in which we are putting in that extra bit of labor. We are so close to achieving that which we have been working to attain, and yet there are some setbacks or extra steps we must complete before we can be REALLY done. Ten of Wands reminds you that, although these extra steps are tedious and unpleasant, they are necessary for the completion of this mission you are on. If you must, give yourself a moment to recover from the efforts you have been expending thus far. Then, once you have collected your thoughts and your strength, set back out towards toppling this set of challenges just how you have defeated the ones before. You are so, so close to the finish line. Do not let the challenges in front of you dissuade you from following through to the end.
Dissolving Light
As the moon moves over the Sun to cast a shadow on its light, there is an even brighter light that is being cast onto you: a light so bright, so blazingly hot that it effectively dissolves everything in its wake. And yet, there is a part of you that remains intact, basking in this glorious glow, unburnt. Like stepping into a fire only to find yourself completely unharmed, and unburdened by anything that you stepped into that fire with. All illusion, all fear, all doubt and baggage that you are lugging around is being highlighted at this time: like a limelight bringing attention to those aspects of your being that are so utterly out of place. And it does not stop there; because once these inadequate pieces are revealed, the Dissolving light will also incinerate that which it finds to be less than absolute Truth. Truth in its purest form is nothing but divine love, order, harmony. Anything less than this level of absolute purity is being burnt to ashes at this time. Let these pieces dissolve and bask in the ethereal glow of this dissolving light. Do not mourn for what is being dissolved and instead look up, take a peek at the new you that is being revealed by this divine glow. All that remains unburnt in the wake of this blaring limelight is what is the most true, the most accurate and aligned to your highest good: Embrace it.

Spread 3 (Right)
In the wake of this Eclipse there will be a lot of changes and events surfacing for you; these changes and events will specifically trigger certain parts of you that have been buried since childhood. Your inner child is clawing underneath the surface begging to get out: the part of you that is pure unadulterated wonder and joy. These changes likely have something to do with your family, the very roots of your life. You will be seeing a lot of childhood traumas surface, confronting you head on to be resolved. Perhaps your inner child will simply present itself by bringing you a miracle that strengthens your conviction in the Magic that exists within each and every one of us. Damara’s main message is about reconnecting with your inner child: whether this is through actual children in your life, through your relationship to your family/parents, or the relationship you have with yourself. The thing is that this Eclipse is unearthing so much for everybody in general: good bad and neutral “surprises” are being brought up for the collective. The way that you are being called to remain centered through this all is by connecting to the child that lives within you: nurturing yourself as you would your own progeny. If there is any pain still aching within your inner child, now is the time to resolve it. If you have been neglecting the part of you that longs for discovery, for playful wonder, now is the time to embrace this aspect of your being. Damara advises you to cultivate a sense of peace within yourself and your life: imagine the way you would go about putting together a nursery for your new baby. Ensuring that every corner is safe and plushy, that every inch of it is clean and comfortable. Creating an atmosphere that is warm and loving and welcoming. You deserve to feel the safety, warm, and boundless sense of wonder that comes with a child’s innocence: this outlook is exactly what you need to make the most of this eclipse. Embrace all events surfacing now and dive into the adventure before you as a child playing make-believe in his backyard: know that ahead lies nothing but whatever fantastical tales your own mind wishes to craft. See the world through a filter of wonder, joy, and purity. Your inner child awaits and is ready to guide you through your next adventure.
The Tower
Change, upheaval, chaos. The Tower depicts a time in which structures crumble to ashes, the world flips entirely upside down. Everything ceases to be as we know it. The Tower tends to instill fear in people: mostly because human beings have a nearly pathological fear of change. We cannot control change, so we resist it at all costs. We become attached to the idea we hold about the way our life should be; we become attached to people, situations and things that were always meant to be temporary. And yet, the Tower still crumbles. And the change is also scary because when the Tower crumbles: it crumbles. It doesn’t just.. quietly topple over. It explodes and breaks into a tiny million pieces, raining debris on its surroundings. Yes, this demolition is quite the sight to see. But, it is all about perspective. Because where one sees a giant dusty mess another sees a plot of land upon which a brand new foundation can be built. This Solar Eclipse is the demolition you have been needing: you may have been apprehensive about pressing the killswitch on that dilapidated foundation that you were just too attached to let go of. So now, the Universe has been so kind as to set off the explosion so that you didn’t have to carry the burden of taking the credit for this inevitable ending. Will you cry and mourn for that old building that is now burning to the ground, or begin drawing up the plans for the new masterpiece you shall build in its place? This is the question you must ask yourself when met with this crumbling tower. For your own good, choose to look towards the future, to work on building the new foundation you are meant to build. If you must, revel in the sight of this destruction that has come to meet you; but do not dwell on this “loss” for it is no loss at all. You deserve better, you always did. And this is why the Tower is crumbling: it crumbles just for you. To bring you the clean slate that you need and deserve. So dream big, and build until there is no distinction between your vision and reality.
Sacred Union
Separation is one of the many illusions of the earthly realm we live in; it comes in many forms. There is polarity everywhere we look: masculine/feminine, young/old, spiritual/physical, dark/light. Each and every one of us has something that we are attempting to unify. And for you, this Eclipse is about achieving divine union within yourself. Whether you have been trying to balance your divine masculine and feminine, integrating your ego with your spirit, aligning your shadow with your higher self, or learning to see yourself as both ancient and innocent: you are so close to achieving this Sacred Union. This Eclipse shall help you purge whatever has been blocking your ability to unify that which needs unifying. Your spiritual prowess has grown tremendously, and you are shedding the last bits of baggage preventing you from shedding separation as a possibility. Separation was never real to begin with. You have always been a perfect combination of masculine and feminine, divine and mundane, pure love and pure darkness. You have always been as equally wise and ancestral as you are innocent and pure. The jig is realizing that this fog that is separation was just that: a veil that could be lifted at any moment. All it takes is letting go of whatever part of you is still giving into the illusion of being separate from anything. You are everything and you are nothing. There is no need to rationalize this thought, for some things cannot be explained rationally. You simply must know that, this Sacred Union exists within you and always has. There is nothing more to it. Look within yourself to find whatever it is you are looking for: balance, harmony and peace are all concepts that come from within. There is a big possibility that once you integrate this Sacred Union within, a Sacred Union will also manifest physically into your life (within the next 6 months.) The possibility of meeting a divine partner (twin flame/soulmate) who can mirror this divine Union within you is high. Beware though: for this Union will mirror you perfectly. Make sure that the reflection you see in that mirror is one of love, purity and high vibration by finding these concepts within yourself first. Divine love is a very real possibility: welcome it in by realizing that divine love, sacred union exist within you as we speak. To look for it outside yourself is to be met with even more separation; do not feed into this trap. You deserve the real deal!