Aquarius New Moon / Solar Eclipse – Energy Forecast (Tarot/Oracle Reading) – February 2018

Extended Reading


Summarized Reading

What the collective is being asked to leave behind:

The Devil, The Star (Reversed), The Moon

The collective is in the process of dissolving any kind of illusion that perpetuates separation as a possibility; this process of dissolving demarcation between opposites is mostly presenting itself in the balancing of the masculine and feminine templates within each of us, and throughout the collective as a whole.

In order for the line between polar opposites to be erased, we must first heal the perverted templates of masculine and feminine energy that we may be holding onto. The thing is, that each template only becomes distorted when it loses connection with its equal opposite counterpart. The masculine cannot operate (properly) without the feminine, and vice versa.

The masculine template that seeks to own, to control, to possess, to conquer, is being asked to release the illusion of control. The divine masculine only seeks to control when he has become disconnected with his feminine counterpart, which is chaotic and disorganized by nature.

The feminine template that is formless to a fault, that has no sense of self, stability or grounding, is being asked to release shame and guilt that she has internalized because she has been led to believe that her chaotic nature is “wrong.” She only falls into this vortex of self pity and loathing when she lacks the discernment and personal power it takes to wield such heavy chaos in a way that is constructive, and gives birth to creation out of the void of nothingness.

Both sides of this discombobulated spectrum are rooted in fear. The masculine fears for his safety, for his ability to survive and to thrive, so he tenses up, he relentlessly chases after things, people and situations, in order to give himself the illusion of being safe and in control. The feminine fears her own chaotic, destructive nature, so she reneges that part of herself, becomes ashamed of it. In both of these cases, we must release the fear that prevents us from bridging the gaps between both sides of ourselves: the side of us that is destructive, and the side of us that is creative. We cannot create without a healthy feminine template that can obliterate everything that is less than absolute love and truth; a healthy feminine template that understands her intrinsic place as part of a whole Universe in which all is possible. We cannot create without a healthy masculine template that has the discernment to distinguish which parts of this macrocosm are actually in alignment with our truth; that can give form to the vast possibilities available to us within the void of formlessness where, again, everything is possible.

In short: we need  both masculine and feminine templates to be in acceptance of themselves and of each other; to be free from the fear, shame, guilt that stunt their ability to co-create.


What the collective is being asked to embrace:

Aphrodite (Inner Goddess), Creation

As we release the fear, shame and guilt that prevent us from fully embracing both our masculine and feminine templates, we are asked to embrace our inner divine feminine, as she has been at the forefront of this battle towards balance. Because of the way our society has been set up for ages, the feminine has had to become more androgynous in order to survive this hypermasculine realm. The feminine is currently the most equipped to lead the rest of this battle between opposites; the pendulum always swings from one extreme to the other before finding alignment with its own axis once again.

Many of us have already achieved enough integration of our own polarity that we can now safely let our healed divine feminine lead the way in helping the masculine also achieve that same degree of healing. So naturally, the inner Goddess needs to be embraced and trusted to have the tools and wisdom necessary to make it the rest of the way. The remainder of our collective, who may still be heavily disconnected from their feminine template, must also let that divine feminine flourish and get some air! For it is this disconnection from the Goddess that drives the masculine to becoming a perverted, distorted version of himself.

The path to healing and integration will not be found in the light of tangible physicality at this point in our evolution; therefore, the masculine simply will not be able to find his way unless he lets his feminine counterpart lead the way. The Goddess is already acquainted and comfortable with the void, the darkness, chaos, uncertainty. She thrives under those very conditions: so it is up to her to hold his hand and lead him safely into the abyss through which they will both remember, that they were never really separate to begin with.

General Advice:

Stepping into Power, Wondrous Universe, You Who Leads the Way

The collective is being advised to fully embrace our power by surrendering to the chaos before us. To remember that there is no such thing as control: that there is nothing to fear and therefore there is no need for control to begin with. Release any situations that rob you of your power by making you feel the need to cling onto safety: you have always been safe. Any part of you that does not feel this way, only feels that way because you have come to fear the idea of chaos and destruction, instead of accepting them as a beautiful and necessary part of the process of creation.

We are being asked to find the love and beauty in everything within us and before us; to remember that there really isn’t such a thing as good or evil. Dark and light are neutral forces, and they only become good or bad depending on the energetic charge that we project onto them. Cease to fear the darkness, the void, the unknown, the wretched, the ugly, the painful. the uncomfortable. It is in the place of discomfort that growth happens; it is through pain that we learn how to heal; it is through the ugly that we come to understand beauty; it is through darkness that we come to see the light. Contrast is the very vehicle that allows us to fully experience and make sense of all that life has to offer, in its full fledged glory.

All in all, we are being reassured at this time that everything is unfolding as it should (how cliche huh? you hear this in readings all the time because guess what…. everything always is unfolding as it should *wink*.)

We are all diligently making our way towards the realization of our dreams; in the midst of this great equalizing, it may all seem impossible, like there is no conceivable way that it could work out in our favor. Trust that even though there is no clear path ahead, you are still making steadfast progress towards achieving whatever you seek to achieve. Whatever your heart is currently set upon, will soon come to you, for the Universe is always complicit in our alignment with our hearts.

Trust. Have faith. Release all fear. Give into the void and let it shower you with endless possibilities. So long as you are not resisting, you are allowing for your desires to flow to you, in exactly the way that they are meant to be presented.