Aries Full Moon – Oracle Reading – October 5th 2017

Yet another time of release and renewal comes to us on this blessed full moon! With Luna being full in Aries, this means that she is opposite the sun in Libra: an explosion of Yang (masculine) energy that pulls our focus towards the swaying between the relationship to the self, and the relationship to others. Bringing our emotional and intuitive awareness back into alignment with the needs of the self, this fiery full moon is here to help us discern what truly lies within our hearts, unadulterated by the influence of those in our lives.

To see the ways in which you will be boosted by this full moon, choose one of the spreads below, then scroll down to see the interpretation:



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Left Column: Divine Mother Manifests – Aine – Ace of Swords

Right Column: The Human Gift – Brigit – Strength


Ace of Swords

Divine Mother Manifests



The Human Gift