Chiron Retrograde – Karmic Wounds – Tarot Reading (July 2nd 2017)

With Chiron stationing retrograde as of yesterday, July 1st, the upcoming 9ish months are sure to be filled with karmic lessons and themes; Chiron, the wounded healer within Astrology, is known for bringing to surface all of the pain and baggage that we have buried deep within our psyche: this is to force us to transcend our own trauma so we can in turn transmute it into something positive; Chiron shows us how we can turn our pain into self-growth, and use those lessons towards the highest good of the collective.

Pick the column that calls to you the most to see which karmic themes will be brought up for you during this Chiron Retrograde period, as well as the advice on transcending them:


Keep in mind that if you are called to more than one spread, you can absolutely read into the interpretation of multiple themes!



Column 1 (Kiss):

Nature of the wound that needs to be healed: Nine of Cups (Reversed)

Advice on how to heal this wound: Six of Cups

Column 2 (Lightning):

Nature of the wound that needs to be healed: Queen of Wands (Reversed)

Advice on how to heal this wound: Two of Cups

Column 3 (Stars):

Nature of the wound that needs to be healed: Nine of Swords (Reversed)

Advice on how to heal this wound: Queen of Pentacles

Column 4 (Leaves):

Nature of the wound that needs to be healed: High Priestess (Reversed)

Advice on how to heal this wound: Two of Pentacles

Column 1 – Nine of Cups (Reversed) and Six of Cups

Nine of Cups (Reversed)

If you picked Column 1, your main wound to heal is represented by the reversed Nine of Cups: a card which in its upright position indicates “wishes fulfilled” on every realm of existence, reversed it indicates an overall sense of dissatisfaction and lack. This card alludes to there being some sort of void within you, an empty space, an ache that cannot be fully attributed to anything in particular; any time you try to put a finger on it, you end up being overwhelmed by the realization that no matter how much you indulge in pleasures, you cannot rid yourself of this sense of lack and emptiness.

This card can certainly point to issues with depression, anxiety, and addiction: whether it is addiction to drugs, sex, or any other kind of carnal pleasure: Nine of Cups indicates that you may have a tendency to try and make up for this feeling of dissatisfaction by going overboard with things that you “rationally” believe should make you feel good. But you need to ask yourself, is having all this sex, eating all this food, drinking all this booze, watching all this Netflix, keeping up all these meaningless friendships/relationships truly making you feel any better? Or is this feeling of void attributed to something that needs to be filled from within?

The Nine of Cups definitely has an over-feminine vibe to it: It can point to the feeling of disillusionment we get when our hopes and dreams shatter before us, thus prompting us to go into a downwards spiral of hopelessness. But, ask yourself: Did you TRULY do your absolute best to take tangible action to see your dreams come to fruition? Or did you rest on your Laurels thinking that, if you wished hard enough you would see it all come manifest? Are you getting too caught up in the dreaming stage of making dreams come true, or are you engaging your divine masculine to transmute this energy so it may present itself to you physically? Have you stopped to think about how realistic your goals are? Are you escaping accountability by blaming your shortcomings on something/someone else? Are you neglecting how your actions affect others out of spite?

I am getting the sense that, the main wound here is one of lacking in self love due to wounds inflicted mainly upon our divine feminine: Number 9, as well as the suit of cups, both bear extremely heavy feminine energies; seeing as the card is reversed I see this pointing to the Divine Feminine being in a state of imbalance or disarray somehow. As described above, there is an inherent feeling of “missing something,” of being incomplete, of being unlucky and doomed to suffer disillusionment forever. All of this comes from some sort of trauma that has damaged our ability to fully gauge the magnitude of our divinity: We are trying to compensate for this lack of internal love, validation and compassion by indulging in that which is supposed to bring us relief. We are going into situations where we have the chance to create a whole new timeline for ourselves, with an underlying feeling of being damned: We are sending our wishes and dreams out onto the universe with an underlying feeling of fear attached to them.

All of this started because at some point during our existence (keep in mind that “ground zero” for this karma may very well have originated in a previous incarnation and transcended into this one due to lack of resolution) we were led to believe that we were not worthy of fulfillment and happiness; we were led far astray from the light of our own connection to God and all his bounty. We embarked on a path filled with doubt, with self loathing and self doubt that was passed onto us from other people around us.

How do you find ground zero for this trauma?? This is where the Six of Cups comes in!

Six of Cups

This card essentially screams INNER CHILD!!!!!! The six of cups is all about childhood, innocence, looking back at the past CONSTRUCTIVELY. How do you look at the past constructively you ask?? By doing so only as a means for self reflection and NOT as an escape:  We can look back at the past, our childhood, to remember fondly those moments that filled us with joy and showed us how blessed we inherently are. We can look at the past to marvel at ourselves and how far we have come, to make sense of just how much growth we have accomplished. We need to avoid LIVING in the past and over-indulging in it, carrying those past low vibrations into our current and future timelines.

The Six of Cups urges you to make peace with the past so you may heal in the present: This retrograde period you would do well to think back on all your past experiences, identify any patterns where the trauma at hand was triggered, and think back as far as you need to find the very first instance in which this pain was injected into your life. You know me and how much I advocate for past life regression: If you are able to, LOOK INTO PAST LIVES!! You can do so via regression meditation (tracks available on youtube) or enlist the help of a tarot practitioner or a channel/psychic.

Once you identify the source of your trauma, you can now move onto making sense of the pattern and why it was being repeated to begin with. You can heal any wound by shining awareness on it: All you need to heal is to make sense of the lesson that you were meant to take away from that pain.

Another recommended action to take now, is to go back on any “burnt bridges” you may have with people close to you who have inflicted pain onto you: Retreating to a familiar environment, even if it’s just to get closure, can be extremely healing. Do not underestimate the power of compassion and empathy when it comes to healing our own pain. Forgiveness is a gift you give yourself: start practicing the art of gifting yourself relief and peace of mind by finding a way to forgive the people who have misguidedly projected their trauma onto you…. And use that newfound sense of wisdom to in turn, make amends with the people that YOU have projected YOUR pain onto.

Six of Cups is all about surrendering to the authentic self, the inner child: that part of you that is so purely good and loving, that has not yet been tainted by the pain and suffering that is so dense within our realm. Find your way back to that unadulterated place of pure light, love, imagination, and boundless prosperity that is within each and every one of us. Do so by unpacking all of the negativity that has ever entered into your field, accepting it as lessons that were necessary for your growth, and gracefully cutting ties with any karmic contracts you may have had with this cycle of low vibration. You are free to step into a new timeline of endless contentment, so long as in your day to day life, you practice the art of no longer identifying with lack, pain and suffering as necessary components of growth. Know that you have transcended the need to “learn the hard way” and can now begin to live your life from a place of much higher awareness.

Column 2 – Queen of Wands (Reversed) and Two of Cups

Queen of Wands (Reversed)

The Queen of Wands in her upright position represents the dynamic, creative nature of the fire energy: When turned upside down, this Queen takes her firey nature and uses it for her and other people’s detriment: there are some tendencies to manipulate, to use aggression and intimidation to get your way; it is the divine feminine whose trust has been violated so many times, that she elicits the help of the low vibrational divine masculine (aggression, brute force, control freak tendencies) to cover up the fact that deep down, she feels a deep sense of insecurity.

When I think of this card, I think a lot of the low vibrational side of the astrological sign scorpio: The Queen of Wands very accurately represents the nasty side of mars/pluto. The wound is being brought up for you this Chiron Retrograde, revolves around the premise of feeling like you are on your own in the world: There is a part of you that EXPECTS to be fucked over, to be taken for granted, to be taken advantage of; you live your day to day life with the harrowing sense that, it is you against the world. You most likely overcompensate for these subconscious programs by behaving in an overly assertive manner: this may not even manifest in a violent or angry way, it could show as a tendency to try to control every little detail: you become overly attached to specific outcomes, so you manipulate your way into seeing things unfold the way you want them to. Keep in mind that control is an illusion created by the mind that does not have trust in its own ability to safely navigate the challenges thrown its way, and who amply doubts the fact that the Universal flow of things is in fact a safe current to surrender to.

This wound was likely passed onto you by someone who ALSO felt like they were put on earth just to suffer through disappointment… These people, these mirrors, were put in your life to reveal to you the part of you that, since lifetimes past, has been holding onto pain that stems from not feeling nurtured and secure within your very core.

Where does this wound come from?? More than likely, the wound started because at some point you started to look for this comfort and stability OUTSIDE yourself. Because after having been wounded by circumstances outside yourself, you internalized that trauma and took ownership of it when it never belonged to you.

These next 9 months are here to remind you that you need to give yourself the love and the nurture that other people are not able to give you; to remind you that, that feeling of utmost safety and the concept of wealth must be felt from within before it can manifest physically. How do you make your way back there though???

Two of Cups

The Two of Cups as your advice to heal the trauma brought up by Chiron Retrograde urges you to establish some sort of a partnership: I interpret this in two ways:

If the pain described above by the Queen of Wands comes from interactions that you have had with people close to you, I believe that you are being called towards making amends with them (at least on some degree.) Even though often times it is difficult to let go of grudges, we need to remember that forgiveness is a gift we give ourselves. The Two of Cups reminds us that, we are all stuck in the same dense, crazy world together: that the people who hurt you are only human (just like you.) You are reminded that, to have compassion for them is to have compassion for yourself. This card talks about a partnership between two individuals who still have a little way to go before being completely healed: I see this indicating the fact that, both you and the person(s) who hurt you are on the same boat of running around in the dark trying to find your way out of this maze. Choosing to offer these villains some empathy will allow you to heal yourself because it will make you realize that, whatever they did to you was never about you to begin with. Just think back to instances in which YOU have treated people in ways they did not deserve: You were simply acting out your pain and projecting it onto them, weren’t you? So why hold onto hurt feelings for those that have wronged you? They are just as human, just as wounded as you are. We are the victims of victims of victims of victims and it does not end until someone (you) has enough awareness and love within them to end the cycle of projection. Forgive them, learn to coexist with them; because at the end of the day, “holding onto anger is like grabbing a hot coal with the intention of throwing it at your enemy: you are the one that gets burnt.”

The other interpretation that I see here, is about attaining that union and partnership WITH YOURSELF FIRST AND FOREMOST. I mentioned before, that you are being called towards forgiving and understanding the people who hurt you… But that is NOT to say that you should do this in order to receive some sort of validation from them. The forgiveness will serve as a means for YOU to get closure in this situation. You should still be working towards attaining that feeling of safety, comfort, nurture and peace within yourself. What better way to always feel like someone has your back, than to have your own back? The only person that you can truly rely on is yourself; and this is not coming from a place of “expecting people to disappoint you;” it is simply a reality: you cannot control the actions, thoughts nor feelings of another. You can have all the awareness in the world, but that does not mean that the people in your life will mirror that same level of consciousness. Expecting to be loved by someone who cannot even love themselves is the epitome of setting yourself up for disappointment. Give yourself the love that you cannot get from other people; work towards accepting every single part of yourself. Remember that you are a whole, perfect being at your very core and you have simply been corrupted by the illusion of separation that comes with existing in this earthly realm.

Dissolve that illusion and embrace the unique vibration of your own soul: There is literally no one else out there that could ever take your place. Step into your truth and embody it with pride in everything that you do: This is the best gift that you could give humanity.

Column 3 – Nine of Swords (Reversed) and Queen of Pentacles

Nine of Swords (Reversed)

Nine of Swords.. A card that shows us that our own minds truly can be our worst enemy: feelings of anxiety, fear, and depression that may or may not have a real basis in reality… I sense that this retrograde period brings you to face the part of you that is so deeply anchored in negativity, that you cannot seem to shake these tendencies to expect the worst. You may find that you have instances in which you create problems that you can use to justify the inherent feelings of anxiety and fear you carry around; I definitely sense that self sabotage may be something that you partake in from time to time. Overall, the negative feelings/thoughts that plague your being are probably self inflicted: this card tends to denote that, your reality doesn’t really match the vision of doom that you associate it with. Are you currently over-investing in feelings of fear that are not quite justified? Is your situation TRULY that bad? If it is, then we need to work on getting to a place in which you can process the trauma at hand, without internalizing it and identifying with it. Nine of Swords (reversed and upright) can indicate that you tend to be too hard on yourself: are you anchoring feelings of fear into your field by holding yourself in a negative light? What has led you to feel like you are so inherently doomed to experience suffering? I immediately sensed that this card could be pointing to issues with the lower chakras: root, sacral and solar plexus. These are the energy centers that rule our ability to feel safe within the material realm, enjoy it, and safely navigate through it. Chakras go out of balance when something traumatic happens to us that fragments our soul and forces it to leave the energetic body as a way to protect itself; depending on the kind of trauma, this will draw energy from different points (chakras) within our energy body. This is known as soul loss: I suggest that you research further into the matter to better understand it (if you feel called to it.)

The main thing with the nine of swords, whether it is upright or reversed, is that we are projecting our own fears and insecurities onto the situations before us: We need to remember that, we are conscious creators. The pesky law of attraction makes it so that, the longer we linger upon low vibrational thoughts, feelings and energies, the more that we anchor them within our timeline. This can certainly be a challenge at times because often negative experiences can (mostly) be out of our control; however, regardless of the experience you have “been handed,” you must remember that the one thing you do have control over, is yourself. Your thoughts, your feelings, your actions… Those are all 100% up to you! The way that you handle the challenges that you have been presented with can significantly alter the kind of situations that you attract to yourself in the future. Although this notion can seem like a giant crock of shit when you are in a state of deep despair… We must make our best effort to consciously choose the way that we deal with low vibrational situations: Choose to look at these experiences as mirrors of something within you that needs to be balanced; choose to look at them as lessons that were vital to your growth. Release any attachment to the notion that, because we are conscious creators, you should beat down on yourself for having crafted such experiences for yourself: Nobody will ever be exempt from the arduous task of learning through experience (the hard way.) You are only human, and up until very recently you were like a young child who was given a magic wand but never trained on how to use it. You are having to learn all on your own how to work this magic for your benefit. Forgive yourself first and foremost for all of your mistakes; learn to love them for the lessons that they were.. And cut the chords that bind you to the paradigm in which you need to suffer in order to grow. Choose to learn through experiences of love and high vibration, by embodying love and high vibration in every aspect of your existence.

***Side note: if you truly have major issues with anxiety, depression, etcetera, please seek medical help if you have not done so already! If it is something that is available to you, therapy and prescription medication can offer great relief and healing that will only increase your ability to heal yourself energetically. Please do not be afraid to ask for help if you feel like you need it. You are not alone <3

Queen of Pentacles

This earthy queen is coming in hot to reaffirm the earlier stated thought that, you are being called towards healing your root chakra (specifically.) You are being advised to work on grounding yourself, on embodying the persona of the Queen of Pentacles who is so stable, so secure within herself. She has a down to earth predisposition that allows her to view situations just as they are: dispelling any illusions of ill conceived fate that stem from our own imagination. This card asks you to heal your connection to the earthly realm; look back at your past in order to figure out what event set you down this path of feeling unsafe within your very vessel. It is very likely that there may have been trauma within your early years (or past life) that instilled in you this sense of inherent fear and apprehension that is currently (as shown by the 9 of Swords) guiding you through the 3D. In order to fully embody the energy of the earth Queen, you must understand why you came to internalize such feelings of mistrust within her realm of Earth.  Look back at your previous experiences (this incarnation or previous ones) to figure out what initially triggered these imbalances within you, and use that knowledge to work your way back from that place of low vibration. Give yourself the motherly nurturing that is typical of the Queen of Pentacles: treat yourself as you would treat your own child. Love yourself, nurture yourself: engage in practices of self care as often as you can. This self care would be best in the form of mindfulness and down to earth practicality: take care of all the earthly matters you have been running from, tie up loose ends that are currently stressing you out, practice mindfulness and be present for every moment. Practice meditation as a form of self care: use the practice to get to know yourself more intimately than you ever have before. Most importantly, use these practical, mindful habits to keep yourself grounded and to maintain a pure, healthy connection to mother Earth. This will only serve as the basis of your ability to embody the abundance and stability that the Queen of Pentacles represents. You ARE wealth, stability, prosperity, and abundance. These concepts are energetic templates that you already hold within you. Activate them by taking action to embody the spirit of the earth queen: compassionate, grounded, practical, nurturing, wise. Yes, grounded is in bold because….. Learning to ground yourself and heal your relationship to the material realm is the main thing to remember here. Chiron Retrograde is here to help you open up that root chakra!! So take advantage 🙂

Column 4 – High Priestess (Reversed) and Two of Pentacles

High Priestess (Reversed)

This Chiron retrograde for you is about to highlight any trauma that stems from distrusting yourself: At some point during your existence, something happened that caused you to estrange yourself from your intuition or subconscious. This could have manifested in a need to gain validation from your relationships with others: needing your ideas and feelings to be corroborated by the people close to you. Perhaps there is a general feeling of mistrust when taking any kind of decision: this could manifest as indecisiveness or self sabotage in order to avoid having to commit to any one consequence; additionally it could manifest as a reluctance to face the consequences of our actions: becoming so overwhelmed by the reality of where our choices have landed us that we simply choose to “move on” (aka run away…) as opposed to trying to make sense of what we could have taken away from the situation.

High Priestess in reversed position, can also point to repressed feelings: these energies that have been left to pester within our subconscious are certainly the source of the lack of faith we secretly hold onto. Look within yourself, practice shadow work to get to the root of what exactly you have been neglecting yourself the right to feel. Process any emotions or energies that have been lingering around and anchoring self-doubt into your field. You do so by pinpointing the original source of those energies, and working through the situation to make sense of the “bigger picture;” figure out what these situations were here to teach you. Forgive yourself for having lacked faith in yourself, and the people who instilled this fear in you to begin with. Work towards getting back in touch with the divine aspect of your being: we are all individual expressions of the very Universe, experiencing itself in order to truly gauge its own divinity. Embody the magic of the High Priestess in everything that you do by befriending your subconscious and embracing your status as a divine being. You have it in you to fully rise into the image of the upright High Priestess: wise, forever in tune with the Universal flow, tranquil, self assured.

In order to fully embody the high priestess you will have to work with the energies of the:

Two of Pentacles

This card bears a message about finding a balance between being centered and being flexible; remaining firm within ourselves while staying open to change and embodying an energy of ease and adaptability. It can certainly point towards a “balancing act:” I sense that here we are trying to find a balance between several aspects of ourselves or our lives. Since the accompanying card here is the High Priestess, I get the sense that we would do well to balance our need to feel ourselves validated within the material realm (through money, possessions, relationships to other people) against our ability to feel validated through our connection to the Spiritual realm. Balancing the way that we connect with the above and the below is something that will certainly help us achieve a sense of stability and trust within ourselves: often when we do not feel safe within our vessel, it is because we lack grounding. Being of the suit of earth, this card to me definitely feels like it brings a message about balancing the way that you unify yourself with the material realm. Connect the below with the above: Currently you are standing smack in the middle of either one, without fully connecting to either realm. You need to both establish a firmer foundation within the physical, and heal your relationship to the spiritual. I sense that for this spread, much of the theme brought on by Chiron is about healing ourselves by fully unifying our ego and our spirit: finding that perfect sweet spot where we are literally demi Gods. This retrograde period is about learning to heal yourself on all planes of existence, and fully stepping into your power as a divine being living a human experience. Use your intuition, free will, and carnal instincts equally. Nurture all: body, mind, heart and spirit equally. You have it in you to fully reap the benefits that this existence grants you: work towards enjoying the best of both worlds, you deserve that fulfillment. Own it!

Instead of getting caught up in the stagnant energy of the reversed High Priestess, embody the dynamic, quick-footed energy of the Two of Pentacles. Tap into both your higher and animal intuition and allow those to lead you safely through this realm so you can swiftly and expertly navigate it. You are being lead through a wild journey of self-discovery: But you cannot go on this voyage if you just stand in place looking down the path(s) ahead of you. Let your newly cultivated sense of grounding allow you to instinctively make the best choices. You already know exactly what is best for you. If you can find that “sweet spot” we discussed earlier, believe me when I say that you will consistently amaze yourself with your own ability to expertly navigate this life. Cultivate that trust within yourself by realizing that this sense of divine balance already exists within you.

I hope that this will have helped you shed some light on the wounds that still need some extra love and healing; I truly wish you all the best of luck on these upcoming 9 months of self discovery and growth! Make the most of it, you owe it to yourself.

Much love

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