Divine Feminine / Divine Masculine – Tarot Reading (06/2017)

This week I felt called to doing a reading specifically relating to the divine polarities: Divine Masculine and Divine Feminine. I had been receiving a lot of indicators for the past week that this topic will be of major focus until the Solar Eclipse in Leo at the end of August. To view my energetic forecast as seen on periscope (twitter) yesterday, click here


Spread formation:

  1. Divine Feminine’s current state: Page of Pentacles
  2. Divine Masculine current state: Three of Wands
  3. Divine Feminine’s obstacle/wound to heal (1): The Magician (reversed)
  4. Divine Masculine’s obstacle/wound to heal (1): Four of Swords
  5. Divine Feminine’s obstacle/wound to heal (2): Six of Swords (reversed)
  6. Divine Masculine’s obstacle/wound to heal (2): The High Priestess (reversed)
  7. Divine Feminine’s Advice to heal/overcome obstacles: Four of Cups (reversed)
  8. Divine Masculine’s Advice to heal/overcome obstacles: Justice
  9. Advice to unify the polarities: The Hanged Man
  10. Advice to unify the polarities: Nemetona


Divine Feminine’s current state: Page of Pentacles

Here we see a card that indicates the fact that the divfem is getting ready to begin a new stage of her existence: Pages are all about freshness, newness; they are closely associated to children and can have a more androgynous vibe.  I see this to mean that the divfem is now getting ready to take on a new perspective of simply retreating back to her inner child: to strip herself of anything that is not 100% authentically her, and to revert back to her innermost nature: the version of herself that she was when she was young and unabashed.

In addition to the symbolism in relation to “new beginnings,” the freshness here is being expressed explicitly into the material realm. Pentacles, the suit of earth, here indicates that the divfem has spent a lot of time planning and thinking and arranging things up in the higher realms: Now she is preparing to bring her vision down to earth; to fully embody this new, improved, whole and healed version of herself that she has been envisioning for god knows how long; NOW IS THE TIME to begin MANIFESTING these changes, to truly effect change. The time to heal fully and physically is HERE.

Divine Masculine current state: Three of Wands

The Three of Wands is a card that reminds me of the moment Mufasa takes Simba up to Pride Rock and asks him to admire all that the sun touches, for it is his: I sense that this card indicates the fact that currently the Masculine is taking sort of a back seat: He is sitting back and observing; he is diligently planning and thinking about the moves that he knows he will soon have to make. Three of Wands indicates that the divmasc is currently looking out onto the horizon and taking in the greatness that awaits him: Him, being as wise and steady as he is (in his high vibrational state) is awaiting his “turn” to come out to play and to do his fair share of the healing work: As I predicted in my energetic update yesterday, I believe that the divmasc will be coming into focus at the Leo Eclipse on August 21st.

Until then, the divmasc is simply getting himself ready to embark on this mission of healing and growth: Calmly reveling in all the work that is to be done, going back over his “plans” and even assessing new plans that might add value to his mission, and getting himself “pumped up” for this adventure to come!

Divine Feminine’s obstacle/wound to heal (1): The Magician (reversed)

This card is pretty damn obvious to me: the Magician in reverse position, is cunning, manipulative, greedy, and uses people for his own personal agendas, without any regard for them, nor foresight for the consequences to come because of his actions: He is the manipulator who instead of embracing his natural magic and using that to positively affect the world around him, he turns away from his innate talents as a healer and magic man, and goes on to using more rudimentary, sinister and lowly ways of effecting his desired outcomes into the world.

Additionally, the Magician Reversed can represent a lack of planning, grounding, and realism: it can represent someone who is confused, who does not have a solid plan to manifest their desires in the 3D: This all definitely points to hyperfemininity. Again, all of the issues I just described are associated with being too far on the “feminine” side of things. Instead of outright going for what we want, we manipulate and “mindfuck” our way to the finish line; instead of creating a solid plan for accomplishing our goals, we sit around and “dream” about it all day long, achieving no results. There is a certain passivity here that derives from the disconnect from our more assertive nature. I sense that this here is a result of the feminine being oppressed, collectively for centuries, thus forcing her to take on a more “docile” attitude within the world. The divfem is STRONG. She is a visionary. She knows what she wants and intuitively knows how to get it. She just seems to have forgotten this!

Divine Masculine’s obstacle/wound to heal (1): Four of Swords

The four of swords indicates a period of respite: having this card here in the position of “obstacle” makes me feel like currently the obstacle for the divmasc, will be to simply allow himself to give in to this period of rest. To let go of the need to control everything that goes on, and to keep himself “busy” in order to feel productive. You do not always need to be doing something, divmasc. You NEEEEEEEEEED to just chill out and allow this healing and processing to take place once in a while. You cannot fully integrate the lessons that you are meant to learn if you are constantly keeping yourself distracted with relatively non-important matters within the physical realm: Your growth and healing are far more important than filling this “void” of needing to feel “useful” and “in control.”

Keep in mind, that recurring to “staying busy” as a means to disconnect from deeper issues IS A FORM OF ESCAPISM.

Give in to this period of rest: sit back, stop fighting it. Allow yourself to just let the healing, processing and transmuting to take place. BE AN OBSERVER INSTEAD OF A CONQUEROR FOR ONCE IN YOUR LIFE GOD DAMMIT!!!! You deserve to embrace some rest and peace for a little while. The fight will still be there waiting for you after you are done processing, I promise.

Divine Feminine’s obstacle/wound to heal (2): Six of Swords (reversed)

I am internally rolling in laughter because the reversed Six of Swords literally represents an inability to move on due to carrying too much baggage. This card is here to highlight that the only REAL obstacle in our journey to healing, IS OUR OWN RELUCTANCE TO LET GO OF STUFF THAT DOES NOT SERVE US. Seriously!!! This card really just reminds us that, it is up to us to choose to loosen our grip: To just let go.

Letting go can be a difficult process in practice, however it doesn’t make it any less of our responsibility to figure out how to do it. Forfeit your attachment to certain situations, people, outcomes, things, feelings, energies, implants or programs that are only serving to anchor old pain into your field.

If you REALLY feel unable to let go of a situation, then hang onto it for a little bit longer IN A WAY THAT IS PRODUCTIVE, MEANINGFUL, AND AN OPPORTUNITY FOR LEARNING: the worst thing you could be doing right now is simply moping and going around in circles, rethinking over the same stupid detail. Approach the situation from a new perspective until you can find the one that makes it all “click” and enables you to finally clear it all out of your life for good.

Divine Masculine’s obstacle/wound to heal (2): The High Priestess (reversed)


The High Priestess in reverse represents a disconnect from our inner voice or intuition: being cut off from your own subconscious, shadow and or higher self. This will often manifest as someone who has poor instincts; someone who does not listen to their own hunches (maybe they don’t even have hunches at all!); it is someone who has repressed all of their own feelings and put them aside for the sake of pleasing another: thus turning into someone who has a very poor foundation within themselves; someone who constantly will need the approval and validation of other people to feel adequate. Someone who rarely ever goes within to check in with themselves: being completely disconnected from the emotional and or spiritual body. Allowing themselves to be ruled only by the carnal needs and desires: to consume, to gain power, to survive, to indulge.

The divmasc has a great wound that stems from having disconnected from his own inner divine; from having become far too invested in the material, and forfeiting the need to satiate himself on an emotional and spiritual level. SO BASICALLY THE ISSUE HERE IS HYPERMASCULINITY.

As we can see, both of the polarities have suffered a great deal because of the illusion of being separate from one another: They both are struggling because they have retreated far too much into themselves, and have forgotten to work harmoniously to bring out the best in each other.

Divine Feminine’s Advice to heal/overcome obstacles: Four of Cups (reversed)

The advice with this card is actually very straightforward: the Four of Cups in upright position typically speaks of someone who is constantly moping: lost in their own world, aloof, bored even. Reversed I see the interpretation being more closely aligned to the way that the divfem HAS been going through this state of apathy, aloofness and moping: but it is coming to an end. She is growing restless; she is now coming to feel jaded from feeling jaded. She craves a CHANGE in perspective that will add a new zest into her life.

The advice here is exactly that: to embrace the fact that your period of moping is over!! That there are new opportunities for stability coming our way, and as long as we are too busy staring at the ground feeling sorry for ourselves, we will miss these chances to get out of the rut.

Shed any and all remnants of mopiness and boredom: shake them off and instead get yourself excited about the fact that everything is about to change! Isn’t it exhilarating to know that there is a whole new you being created right now??? Focus on that excitement and get yourself prepared for this transformation, by remaining open, in mind heart body AND spirit. We do this by not weighing ourselves down with useless feelings and thoughts fueled by old paradigms of stress, anxiety, inadequacy, etc. *Queue “Let it Go” from Frozen starts playing*

Divine Masculine’s Advice to heal/overcome obstacles: Justice

The advice here first and foremost, IS TO BE HONEST WITH YOURSELF. Justice is transparent and blind: she hides nothing and she is always impartial. The divine masculine needs to practice the art of self awareness: being brutally honest with himself, looking straight at his shadow and confronting it. Owning up to the outcomes you have created via your CONSCIOUS choices, as opposed to disowning your mistakes and chucking it up to being something or someone else’s fault. BE ACCOUNTABLE.

There is a need now for the divmasc to really look within and be REAL with himself: Be fair and just to yourself by seeking truth WITHIN and embodying that truth. You really think the divmasc is TRULY this bruteish conqueror that he is showing himself as lately? ABSOLUTELY NOT!!!!!!! He is DIVINE and fair, and wise, and stable. He is HONORABLE. And he needs to realize all of this for himself, before he can fully embody the greatness that he has within, and heal the wounds that he has inflicted onto himself by steering so far away from his genuine truth.

Start undoing this damage by confronting yourself, honestly, plainly. Do not keep running away from your own truth.

Advice to unify the polarities: The Hanged Man

To unify the polarities we are going to have to SURRENDER. The hanged man is a willing participant in his hanging: he gives in and takes this as an opportunity to flip his perspective upside down; while it may not be the most comfortable thing, he looks on the bright side and uses his upside down position to gain deeper insight and perspective, by opening his eyes and choosing to look at the world from this new vantage point as opposed to getting hung up (pun intended) about how uncomfortable he is.

What, you thought this process was gonna be all rainbows and butterflies???

LOL, is all I have to say to that.

Of course this period of intense healing is going to be uncomfortable from time to time. But that is how you know that it is working. Just like when we are stretching out our muscles before a workout: You breathe into the pain and push yourself a little bit further until you find yourself relaxing into the stretch. You keep repeating this cycle until, before you know it, you are popping the splits like a Russian gymnast!!!

This card is all about easing into the feeling of discomfort that healing brings: to find a way to use this discomfort as a means to gain a new perspective on the situation. Using this new perspective to leave us behind wiser and stronger than we were before.

SURRENDER, SURRENDER SURRENDER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Advice to unify the polarities: Nemetona

Nemetona is the Celtic (Druid) goddess of sacred spaces: the main thing to take away from this card, is to remember that, there is always a sacred space within you. YOU are the sacred space; and by creating (physically) a sacred space such as an altar, you are merely bringing the magic, the sanctity within you out into the world so it may multiply and expand into a different realm.

The advice here and how it relates to the union of divine masculine and divine feminine???

Well isn’t t obvious??

UNION ALREADY EXISTS WITHIN YOU. Just how sacred space is already inherently within you, and simply needs to be expressed outwards.

That is literally all there is to it: Remember that the “separation of polarities” is merely an illusion of the physical realm. In reality, your divine feminine and masculine have always been one and the same. You just need to remember to give them both equal amounts of attention and love: Don’t forget to express them both into the physical realm equally.

If you are hyperfeminine, practice being more assertive and less “cunning;” practice speaking up for yourself as opposed to ¬†letting your voice be drowned out by the needs and expectations of others. Set boundaries and remember that it is OKAY for you to have them WITH ANYONE NO MATTER HOW CLOSE THEY ARE TO YOU. Remember to set solid plans and foundations for yourself AND ACTUALLY FOLLOW THROUGH WITH THEM. Do not get caught up in just dreaming and fantasizing. Do not let yourself become a martyr or a victim to any person or situation.

If you are hypermasculine, learn how to give up control once in a while. Learn how to be an observer; learn to be self aware. Learn to be more conscious of how your actions affect other people, and learn how to take accountability for your mistakes without it being a reason for your ego to get hurt. Learn how to put the ego aside altogether and integrate the part of you that is all spirit. DO NOT NEGLECT YOUR EMOTIONS AND LET THEM FESTER: STOP CELEBRATING YOUR EMOTIONAL INCOMPETENCE AND REALIZE THAT THERE IS MORE TO LIFE THAN APPEARING TO BE STRONG AND IN CONTROL ALL THE TIME. YOU ARE HUMAN: YOU ARE ALLOWED TO FEEL AND TO BE VULNERABLE. Be more compassionate of others AND yourself.

I really hope that this reading gave you all some clarity, and I hope you are all able to heal these imbalances within yourselves.

Much (tough) love, until next week <3