Full Moon Ritual for Release

Full Moons have a versatile and powerful energy that can be harnessed both for manifestation or for banishing and releasing. Working with the New Moon as a time to plant seeds, I like to use the Full Moon to focus on releasing the old in order to clear way for the new to take hold.

I like to think of this process much like how a woman’s womb will shed its old lining and the seed that did not come to fruition, in order to clear the way and to cleanse itself in preparation; once clear it can begin to rebuild the plushy, nutritious environment it will need in order to carry a new seed to fruition. We must clear away the old, the outdated, that which does not serve us, in order to receive that which is in alignment with our highest good.

This full moon ritual is meant to help us release and clear away ANYTHING (people, situations, feelings, thoughts, behavioral patterns, programs, energies) that we no longer wish to see as a part of our experience, and all you need is a piece of paper, a writing utensil, fire and a safe container to burn paper in (metal trash can, pavement outside, a clear sink, etc).


1. Write a list of intentions regarding what you wish to release from your life; make sure all your intentions are written in present affirmative tense (I release, I let go of, I banish, I vanquish, etc.)

  • You can release literally anything!!!! Some examples of intentions and the format you should follow:
    • I release John/Jane Doe from my life, and I clear away all karmic contracts between us that no longer serve my highest good.
    • I release the belief that *insert harmful belief here*
    • I let go of all trauma and pain I have internalized from *insert traumatic situation here*
    • I release the habit of *insert undesired habit here* and any feelings, thoughts, energies and programs that perpetuate my need to feed into this habit.

2. Seal your list with a clause such as this:

”I command all celestial bodies, beings, entities, programs and implants currently enabling the energies I intend to release, to be removed from my energetic field, and to travel away from me, through all space time and dimension, never to return, for my highest good. You have no place here. So it is.”

3. Set your list on fire, with conscious intention. Feel the energies you are releasing being consumed by the flames!!!

  • I suggest watching the fire for any signs! Different colors, shapes, anything that sticks out to you. Pyromancy is an interesting topic to look into (if you are called towards this type of divination)



Some additional tips:

  • Your list may be as long as you wish for it to be. However: you may want to break up your intentions and release a few things at a time (if the intentions are heavy and involving deep trauma or behavioral changes.) This type of ritual involves moving a lot of energy which can greatly impact you physically (if you are any bit energetically sensitive.) Most commonly people may feel cold-like symptoms after moving heavy amounts of energy, so it is best to release in small spurts to avoid feeling that heavy strain physically.
    • If your intentions are lighter in nature, or if you feel confident in dealing with the symptoms of heavy energetic release, then by all means knock yourself out! Lol just remember to take it easy in the days after the ritual, stay hydrated, get rest and lots of self care!
  • You may perform the ritual on the day of the full moon, or within a 3 day window of the full moon.
  • You may perform the ritual as many times as you feel called towards within that 3 day window

Upcoming Full Moon dates:

January 1st 2018, January 31st 2018, March 1st 2018, March 31st 2018, April 29th 2018, May 29th 2018, June 27th 2018, July 27th 2018, August 26th 2018, September 24th 2018




Ritual highlighted as originally shared by Danielle Ayoka (@mysticxlipstick on twitter)