Gemini New Moon – May 25th 2017 – Tarot Reading


1. The Chariot – Representing each individual within the collective consciousness | 2. Two of Swords & 3. The Devil – Representing the Energies surrounding us at the time of the New Moon | 4. Ten of Swords (Reversed) – The Obstacles we face at this New Moon | 5. Ace of Pentacles – The advantages the New Moon brings us | 6. Abundantia & 7. Eireen – The Advice we need to maximize the energy of this New Moon

Numerological Breakdown: 7+2+(1+5)+(1+0)+1 = 17 = 8   |   Number 8 resonates with the energies of: infinity, bounty, manifestation of wealth and personal power, material safety, karma.

To kick off the reading we have the Chariot, representing each and every one of us within the collective consciousness; the Chariot here is really reinforcing the number 8’s meaning of “personal power” with an energy of unfaltering determination. With all the  mutable air energy brought in by this Gemini New Moon, accompanied by the Sun also being in Gemini, this is a time in which we are feeling dynamic and ready to speed towards our goals. There is a certain sense of assertiveness at this time- now that the slow and steady pace of Taurus season is coming to an end, we are gearing up to kick up the momentum by charging directly towards whatever we have our sights set upon. This is definitely a time to keep up the momentum by ensuring that our self-confidence and focus are both aligned to the tune of whatever our goal is: we can easily do this by remembering who we are and what we stand for. Take the next week before the New Moon hits to really assess these two points, so you will be prepared to assert yourself onto whatever the New Moon throws at you.

The energies surrounding us at the time of the New Moon, are represented by the Two of Swords and The Devil; immediately the message that pops out at me as I judge these cards side to side, is that we are currently “sitting on the fence” about letting something go that is currently restricting us and anchoring stagnant energy into our lives. The Devil represents self-inflicted bondage, while the Two of Swords represents indecision and trying to come to an important conclusion. This, along with the fact that for about a month or longer now, I have been seeing a plethora of messages in regards to “surrender,” really makes me feel certain in the fact that, this weighing of options refers to our trying to decide whether or not we will finally let go of what we KNOW we need to let go of. (You are probably already thinking about that thing or person you need to release from your life, aren’t you??? Yeah you know EXACTLY what I am talking about!!) This New Moon, being filled with such dynamic energy, is truly NOT going to allow us to hold on to our indecision any longer. You can only put off on making a choice for so long before the choice is made for you: this NEW Moon has so many NEW things in store for us, accept them graciously by ensuring you have cleared out sufficient space in your life for them.

Speaking of “being forced to clear out space,” the Ten of Swords here really isn’t fucking around… This is a card that augurs a painful ending, forceful rebirth. I get the sense that our biggest obstacle at this New Moon will be based around a “sudden” transformation: I say “sudden” with quotation marks because again, the signs have been here FOR A WHILE NOW!!! If you still haven’t gotten the picture that it is time to let go, you best believe that the Universe will simply force its hand into the situation and FORCE YOU to let go. If we do not willingly surrender, this transformation will occur abruptly, intensely, and out of our control, thus making for a seemingly painful or hectic situation. However, even if your silly self decided to rest on your laurels, and the universe ends up scalping you from here to sunday, keep in mind that this is for your own good. Whatever aspect of our life is being dissolved under this New Moon, is absolutely something that we NEED to let go of. Embrace this transformation to make the transition easier on yourself.

The Ace of Pentacles as our advantage is a wonderful card to see under the energy of a New Moon!! This card speaks of new beginnings, prosperity and manifestation (can we see the parallels in symbolism here between the energies of the New Moon and the number 8???)  Now is the time to INVITE IN NEW THINGS BY LETTING GO OF THE OLD. Seriously guys… How many times are we gonna have to see this same message come in before we get the hint lol…. This card augurs that new opportunities will be presented to us at this time, and these opportunities are sure to align with whatever agenda we have been focusing on. “Carpe Diem” (latin for “seize the day”) is a phrase that really comes to mind right now as the main message for this card.

Lastly, we have Abundantia and Eireen as our Oracle advice cards; these two cards side to side bring forth a message of trusting in the Universe as we are about to receive a cornucopia of prosperity. Abundantia asks us to accept with open arms all new blessings to come; she reminds us that it is OK to ask for and accept help- especially when it comes from the divine. The Universe is complicit in our ultimate success, Abundatia reaffirms us of this message by reminding us that she, along with other deities and light beings, are literally only here to help us in our journey. Eireen forebodes a time of peace- things finally falling into place. She asks us to have faith in the fact that everything will work out in our favor, despite the situation seeming to be otherwise. Even in times of chaos, the Universe has our back. Don’t forget that times of strife are simply like one stop on a train ride where the destination is ultimately paradise. Trust that all will be well, and if you are unable to do so, ask the divine to fill you with love, light, and patience to help you remain calm until the storm passes.

In Summary: this Gemini New Moon is jampacked with fresh new energies and blessings. Allow them into your life by letting go of that which no longer serves you- don’t let your life/subconscious turn into an episode of “Hoarders” lol. Trust in the Universe, focus on that which matters the most to you, and don’t let anything get in the way of you achieving your heart’s desire. Remembering that you are already inherently deserving of utmost abundance and happiness, is the easiest way to let the universe know that you accept all the blessings that are coming your way.

Until next week! Much love and light,


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