Leo Full Moon – Lunar Eclipse – Tarot Reading / Energy Forecast

On their own, full moons are extremely powerful celestial events, to which we are greatly accustomed due to their expected monthly occurrence.

This Aquarius season, however, we are being graced by an extra special full moon because it comes in tandem with a Lunar Eclipse – the phenomena in which the earth momentarily casts a shadow over the full moon, eclipsing its light.

Astrologically, we observe lunar eclipses to be periods of great purging and releasing: a much needed “cleansing” that will allows us to fully step into the fresh energies coming to us February 15th, as we are blessed by a Solar Eclipse.

I have felt called to highlighting the three main themes that will be affecting our collective consciousness as we step into the purge of this Lunar Eclipse (happening January 31st, yet another sign that this is truly marking an ending of some sort!)

Choose the two card spread that calls to you the most from the photo below:




Left, Middle, or Right???








Left: The Star   |   From Nothing to Everything

Middle: King of Wands   |   I Surge on the Uprising Wave of Love

Right: Six of Wands   |   Beyond the Threshold of Fear



The Star   |   From Nothing to Everything

This Lunar Eclipse, for you, is bringing the final round of arduous “letting go” that is necessary for your vision to begin manifesting. You are being called towards completely emptying yourself- you have been already undergoing a great purge. You have been watching as your old life and self slowly chipped and crumbled away, piece by piece. You have been graciously (or maybe not so much, for some of you.. hehe) allowing for everything obsolete to crumble away, knowing that this purging is simply the Universe’s way of giving you a nice “spring cleaning,” so you may have space for all the new, good things that are coming to you.

So how come you still feel like everything is falling apart and nothing is yet falling together? Where are your blessings and the manifestation of all that you’ve been waiting for? If this is your question, then my dear I have got a quick reality check for you: You are aiming too low. You are selling yourself short. You are focusing on creating something which the Universe knows you have already outgrown.

You are being asked to remain hopeful and optimistic even through this odd transition in which it feels like you could drown in uncertainty. You are being asked to, instead of panicking over the fact that things aren’t living up to your expectations, consider the fact that the entire problem might actually be your having expectations altogether.

Release all your expectations. Any specific vision you could craft right now would be a pale shadow of joy in comparison to what the Universe has in store for you.

You have already overcome all the trials and tribulations you could have possibly needed in order to align with your highest purpose. There is no more “work” to be done, no more adjusting necessary nor “karma” to clear (unless you choose to subscribe to that, still.) The only thing that needs adjusting is your consciously letting go of whatever expectations you may be attaching yourself to, whatever part of you still has doubts, whatever part of you feels like you aren’t ready to just receive.

You. Are. Ready.

Create your new life from a place of knowing that your highest good is within your reach. You need not hang onto the need for things to turn out in any one specific way; you need not control the flow of the stream, for the stream has been flowing perfectly, (without your help) since before you were even around to comprehend this metaphor.

Focus on the feelings you wish to experience within your physical reality, then allow the Universe to fill in the gaps. Trust me: the Universe knows what it is doing.


King of Wands   |   I Surge on the Uprising Wave of Love

This Lunar Eclipse is coming to push you out of your comfort zone, because your comfort zone is bullshit (sorry not sorry lol.) Change is on the horizon for you and it may feel at times as though every single one of your buttons are being pushed. You are being met with so many of your least favorite things, people, situations, feelings. You are being forced to face up to every thing that you still fear because that fear is the one thing that now stands between you and your vision. What kind of choices will you make in the face of fear this time around? Can you not see how all of this is a test? You are being given the opportunity to redeem yourself for all of the times in which you sabotaged your own growth and happiness by caving underneath the weight of your fears.

The thing that you need to realize is that parts of you are still operating under the program of needing “safety.” Everything that is currently before you, that triggers you, only does so because it exposes a place in you that does not feel safe. Allow yourself to get to the root of this feeling: why do you not feel safe and how can you amend that? Is it possible that you are simply projecting your past failures and experiences onto an entirely new, unrelated situation? (Hint: you probably are hehe)

Allow yourself to realize that you are indeed safe. All situations in your past that contradict this statement, were simply manifestations of this inherent lack of inner peace you are lugging around. Quit manifesting your own misfortune by acting from a place of fear! If you are being challenged by being presented with a situation that scares the shit out of you: boss up and face that shit! Have you forgotten who you are? Have you forgotten that you have complete control of yourself and your actions, and consequently you have control of what manifests before you???

This is the time for you to be a leader to yourself: Lead through example. You are walking a path untraveled, unknown. You likely have no examples of how you are to walk in fearlessness, for you have never been accustomed to this kind of living. So carve out your own path. Go off script. Do everything the opposite of how you would have usually done things, for the way you usually have done things was likely based on that pesky fear based programming.

The only way to win this game is to stop playing it: Stop being afraid. Stop hesitating. Stop letting fear rule your entire life and just take charge of the situation by deciding to no longer be scared (yes, it is that easy.)

Fearlessness is not the act of being unafraid: but the act of being afraid, and choosing to face that fear regardless.

Be fearless through this next stretch: realize that it is all a test and that the way to beat it is for you to transcend the parts of you that drive you towards pursuing safety. Safety is an illusion. Comfort breeds stagnancy. Embrace change, challenge and growth.

Growth often comes at the price of discomfort, but comfort always comes at the price of a life half lived.

Which price will you choose to pay?



Six of Wands   |   Beyond the Threshold of Fear

Eureka! Success! Hallelujah! This Lunar Eclipse is truly such a time of victory and resolution for you. You are at the very, very last stage of an ending cycle: you have successfully transcended all karma, all fear, all density and low vibration from your old self.

You are likely to begin seeing physical manifestations of this new timeline in which love is the only authority. You may even just feel this shift within yourself… But things really are changing and part of you is like “….What IS this???!?!” 

You have stepped into a new dimension of existence that you were never prepared for, nor told about. Because at which point does the world prepare you for an existence this free, unencumbered, and unburdened? This kind of lightness, this level of integrity is the stuff of fairy tales. And so, you will rightly feel entirely out of place, confused, like you have ended up in the wrong place, like you have absolutely no idea how to navigate the world now that you have no more density to hold you down… You might as well just float away. Such an odd sensation and yet, perhaps you should let yourself float away.

Why on earth would you try to hang onto how you used to be or used to feel? You don’t actually miss the feeling of density that you have now just escaped, you simply aren’t used to being empty, weightless. And yet, you will come to relish this freedom once you realize that, that is exactly what it is: freedom. You are no longer bound in any of the chains you used to proudly wear as armor. So yes, you may feel naked at first… But you will soon come to embrace the feeling of your bare skin against the breeze, much more than you used to embrace the illusion of being safe under all that weight.

Allow yourself to feel like you have no idea what you are doing because the reality is, maybe you truly don’t have a clue. And so what?!?! Does the newborn baby know how to hold up his own head, walk, feed himself? He does not, and yet we still envy the freshness, the freedom, the innocence that comes with being that brand new.

You are brand new. Embrace this freshness within you, go out into the world and learn how to move through it as this new version of yourself. You have already achieved success: it’s just that sometimes success looks like a blank page.

A blank page is simply one waiting to be filled with whatever you want to fill it with.