Leo New Moon Tarot Reading – July 23rd 2017

This New Moon there are three main themes affecting the collective; choose a spread below to see what this lunation has in store for you 🙂
Focus on each column and see which one calls to you the most:







Column 1
  • Two of Swords (reversed)
  • Butterfly Maiden
Column 2
  • Seven of Cups (reversed)
  • Damara
Column 3
  • Four of Swords
  • Mawu


Column 1

Two of Swords (reversed)

The Two of Swords is a card that speaks about having to make a decision: upright it signifies the stage in which we are dreading this choice so much that we simply stick our head in the sand and put off this decision making process. Reversed it implies that we are currently either ready to make that choice, or simply have no other way and are being forced to make a choice: either way this card urges us to refine our mental faculties and embrace our power by finally breaking free of fear and enacting our free will; this New Moon brings you the strength and clarity that you need in order to make a good choice on your own: you need not take to heart the advice nor judgment of others. It is good to be receptive from input we receive from trusted friends or loved ones; however, we need not forget that all the knowledge we really need lies within ourselves already. Any further input from other people may actually be a disservice at this time: if you chose this spread the Two of Swords is an indication that you need to tune into your own awareness, discernment and intuition in order to make the best choice for yourself. TRUST yourself and the fact that you are an omniscient, omnipresent, omnipotent being: not only do you already know what the best thing for you is, you have it in you to power through whatever obstacles you will have to face because of this choice. In this fork in the road that you are currently at, there is no perfect or ideal path; either one will yield you some sort of challenge. But this challenge is something that you need to face up to in order to grow into a better, stronger, more aligned version of yourself. Trust yourself and the universe: surrender to the changes before you and embrace the choice that you are being presented with. It may seem daunting at the moment, but have faith that this is absolutely for the best and that you will thank yourself later for having made the right choice for yourself.

Butterfly Maiden

Butterfly Maiden is a beautiful omen about transformation: it augurs major changes and rebirth that must be embraced with open arms. This beautiful Hopi kachina (spirit) assures us that whatever changes and challenges we are currently enduring, we should embrace them and surrender to this current; we must allow ourselves to let go of things that are imprints of our old life, our old self. This is a time in which we are physically seeing signs of a transformation: old paradigms, relationships, jobs are now beginning to dissolve in order to make way for situations that are much better aligned to our highest good. Shed whatever is weighing you down and embrace these transformative energies: do this by not only allowing the transformation to happen and accepting it, but also by consciously choosing in which direction you wish to go from here on out. While you shouldn’t become too attached to any specific expectations, you should reflect upon the events that have taken way and form an idea in your mind about who you want to be: the old you is dying out so you might as well choose who you want to be! This New Moon, set intentions about this new you that you wish to manifest; only you know what truly lies within your heart and who you are truly meant to be: use these transformative energies before you to build a new you that resonates with your highest good and embody that new you in your every day. There is nothing more exciting than getting to reinvent yourself: embrace this period of rebirth with joy and excitement!

Column 2

Seven of Cups (reversed)

Seven of Cups is a card that speaks about illusion, fantasy and wishful thinking. When this card appears reversed it indicates that we are currently beginning to see through this veil: the fog is beginning to lift and we now have a much clearer perception of reality. Seven of Cups reversed is here to remind you that it is very important to check in with yourself to make sure that whatever you are currently investing yourself in is something that truly brings you fulfillment: now that you are beginning to see things more clearly, use this newfound awareness to shed light on the parts of your life that are simply not living up to your needs. Now that you are forming more realistic expectations, and adjusting your perception of the world in order to match the reality of things, it will be very important that you actually act on this awareness by actively catering to your emotional needs. You used to not be all that aware about what those needs were; maybe you had a mistaken perception of what you needed and now you are realizing that in fact you needed something else. Make sure that you are doing something productive with this knowledge so that you can begin to satisfy yourself emotionally and spiritually. Seven of Cups indicates that this New Moon brings emotional healing and redirection for you: make sure that you are taking advantage of these energies and adjusting your sails accordingly. You are the captain of your own ship, so make sure that the direction you are headed in is aligned with your destination now that there is no fog to cloud your vision of the path ahead.


Damara is a Celtic goddess who brings a message about reconnecting with the inner child: the theme present for you at this New Moon is about ensuring that we are waking down the path most aligned to our highest good; part of this process of reassessment will definitely tie into reconnecting with our inner child, the part of us that is pure unadulteres love and joy, that has a boundless sense of wonder and imagination. You are being called towards nurturing this inner child of yours: making time to do the things that simply bring joy to your heart. The most productive way to do this is by finding a way to incorporate these joy-inducing activities into our day to day life; if there has been any aspect of your life that makes you feel dissatisfied, you would do well to do away with it and seek to replace it with something that brings your inner child joy. If you are in an unhappy relationship, open yourself up to a partner that brings out your inner child and makes you feel pure love and happiness. If you are in a workplace that makes you feel uneasy, look for other opportunities in which the atmosphere encourages your creative spirit and child-like sense of wonder. If there are still wounds within your inner child, now is a great time to let those resurface so that you may finally heal them. Your inner child is sitting underneath the surface, waiting to be fully integrated into your day to day life. Reconnect with yourself and allow this part of you to flourish and to teach you something about yourself that you have been missing thus far.

Column 3

Four of Swords

The Four of Swords is a card that advises us to take some time to catch our breath and reassess the events that have been leading up to this moment: just like every sports match is set up with several time-outs throughout the game so that the players can hydrate, rest and strategize further, this New Moon is calling you towards getting some well deserved rest and contemplation. You need to be using this energy to meditate, to think about everything that has been going on. If you have been enduring chaos and difficulty, you would do well to take some time to make sense of these challenges, for they are not here in vain. Everything that you have been going through had a rhyme and a reason, and this lunation for you is about allowing yourself time to process and recuperate from your travails. Four of Swords is a sign that this is a safe time for you to retreat: you can stop sleeping with one eye open and actually get the rest you deserve. It is very important that you find a way to relax from all the hectic situations you have been involved in so you can actually advance past all this madness. Remind yourself that you are safe and use that feeling of comfort to go within yourself to find the clarity you need.


Mawu is a Wesr African Moon goddess who carries a lot of symbolism about motherhood and grounding: she encourages us to get in tune with our inner mother by focusing that nurturing energy towards ourself. This New Moon, make sure that you are treating yourself as you would treat your own child. Give yourself the love, support and nurture that you need and use that love to keep yourself grounded and present. Mawu, being related to Mother Earth, also advises us to reconnect to the great mother Gaia: do grounding activities such as meditating, connecting with animals and or nature. Feel the motherly energy that is in every leaf, every blade of grass, every speck of dirt. Feel at peace with this earthly realm we are in by choosing to see the nurturing beauty that surrounds you. When you are grounded, present and at peace in your vessel, you empower yourself to heal and to better navigate this realm. Use these fertile energies to improve the relationship that you have with the earthly realm and with yourself. You deserve to feel connected and welcome in this world, so make some time to connect with yourself and the beautiful realm that surrounds you. Staying grounded will allow you to enact the advice given by the Four of Swords.

4 thoughts on “Leo New Moon Tarot Reading – July 23rd 2017”

    1. love and light to you as well my dear! so glad the reading resonated with you. Happy New Moon 🙂

  1. Wow! Im 33+3 weeks pregnant and my wasters have just broke. Instead our being worried I alm going deep to find the lessons in this undesirable but exciting event. All my plans were deemed thrown out the window (having a natural water birth and hopefully virtually unassisted ) but instead of fear i felt excited because I know how powerful alignment and intention is and all of what you just wrote is basically saying everything i was receiving myself!
    Love being incync and getting confirmation.
    I have plenty of time resting and meditating and creating another example of creating my own reality despite the odds and learning more about the path im travelling down

    1. Oh wow!! I am so glad to hear that the reading gave you some needed confirmation 🙂 and it seems your baby is ready to come!! The planets must be aligned just right for him/her, how exciting!! Would love to draw up a birth chart for your baby once they are born, if you’re interested feel free to check out my chart readings on my shop:) congratulations on bringing a new life onto this world! Many blessings to you and your family <3

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