Lunar Eclipse – Aquarius Full Moon – Mercury Retrograde Tarot Reading (August 4th 2017)

Lunar Eclipses are cosmic events that aid us in the process of releasing all which no longer serves us; they shed light on that which needs to go and even force our hand at times when we have been resisting this “letting go” for too long.

Full moon is the most powerful and versatile Lunar phase, and can be used both for clearing AND manifestation: however, most commonly the Full Moon is also known to act as a mini lunar eclipse: helping us release that which we no longer need.

Mercury Retrograde, the stage in Mercury’s orbit in which it appears to be moving backwards, is a period in which our intellectual faculties, mental power and communicative nature turns inwards. Most infamous for the disasters and inconveniences it causes, Mercury retrograde is actually a very renewing period in which we get to look inwards and focus on understanding ourselves from the inside out. A time in which we get to check in with our own subconscious so we can reroute our lives as necessary.

This week we have a Full moon/Lunar Eclipse happening on the 7th, and Mercury stations Retrograde on the 12th. This tarot reading is meant to shed light on the main themes affecting the collective consciousness under these cosmic events. Pick the row that calls to you the most to reveal the themes most pertinent to you:


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Row 1

Lunar Eclipse: Seven of Cups

Full Moon: Hathor

Mercury Retrograde: The World

Row 2

Lunar Eclipse: The Hermit

Full Moon: Abundantia

Mercury Retrograde: The Tower

Row 3

Lunar Eclipse: The Magician

Full Moon: Nemetona

Mercury Retrograde: Six of Swords



Row 1

Lunar Eclipse: Seven of Cups

If you chose spread 1, this Lunar eclipse for you is coming in with a reality check: Seven of Cups indicates that you have lately been engulfed in some sort of a fantasy, wishful thinking. This eclipse is coming in to lift the veil of illusion that has been clouding your judgment and keeping you occupied with your dreams. The jig is: either your dreams currently are unrealistic, or they ARE attainable, but you haven’t been taking tangible action to attain them. Seven of Cups comes in hot with that reality check: you can’t rest on your laurels and expect blessings to fall from the sky. You can’t just manifest literally ANYTHING you want: although we ARE omnipotent, conscious creators… Did it ever occur to you that manifesting that one thing you’re so obsessed with may NOT be in alignment with your highest good? Have you become so obsessed with this dream of yours that you have gripped yourself into stagnancy? I sense that for those of you who pulled this spread, Seven of Cups is here to force you to loosen up the resistance you are creating by becoming overly attached to any one outcome or desire. This card is all about a reality check: You need to be actively thinking about what you have been wishing to manifest, and HOW you have been trying to manifest it: Perhaps this wish of yours is NOT what is in alignment with your highest good; or maybe it IS in alignment with your highest good, but you have become so attached to this ONE version of your dream that you have become inflexible to any other minor changes within your vision. This inflexibility is creating resistance that will delay your ability to manifest your desires. Is it really THAT important that things happen EXACTLY the way you planned them to be? Is this pathological need for control truly THAT important to you? Is your need to control your future doing you any good, or creating more stress and friction in your life? Remember that control is an illusions created by the ego when it feels like it cannot safely surrender to the divine current: remind yourself that Source ALWAYS has your back, and will never guide you to the wrong destination. Seven of Cups also warns us about hyperfemininity: that stage in the manifestation process in which we get stuck at “dreaming up” our perfect vision, and physically do nothing to make that dream a reality. Are you really giving it your best and doing everything that can be done to see your dreams come to fruition? This Lunar Eclipse is here to help you rid yourself of all illusion, resistance and stagnancy that are getting in the way of your attaining all your wildest dreams. Take some time to do critical thinking about your goals and the methods you will employ to attain them. Remember that while it is good to think of even the smallest details when dreaming up our perfect life, it is important that we don’t attach ourselves to the details; it’s best to think “big picture” and let the universe fill in the gaps according to our highest good (instead of becoming attached to “I want to win the lottery and become rich overnight so I don’t have to work a crappy job ever again” reduce the intention to “I am financially free and comfortable, I am master of my own time and am able to earn a living doing something that fills me with joy and fulfillment.”) Keep an eye on the way that you go about manifesting your goals: check in with yourself periodically to ensure that you are at least taking some baby steps in the direction of your dreams. If you see yourself getting caught up in “dreaming,” rid yourself of any fear that may be holding you back from taking bold, tangible action. Work on incorporating your divine masculine into your day to day life so you can ensure that you remain grounded and present: this will enable you to actively charge towards your goals.

Full Moon: Hathor – Receptivity

Hathor is an Egyptian Goddess who brings a message about being open to receiving that which is meant for us: She wants you to remember that the Universe has in store for you an endless flow of blessings and new opportunities. If you have become stagnant, it is because you have closed yourself off to these blessings by becoming attached to specific notions about what blessings are meant for you; instead of being open to being pleasantly surprised by Source, you have become fearful about “what if things don’t turn out as I planned them to be???” Hathor brings you a message about being receptive to the signs and opportunities that the Universe brings you. This full moon, you would do well to consciously do away with any preconceived notions you have about what is right and wrong; about what you need to happen in order to feel fulfilled. I sense that, currently your idea of what would make you happy is a tad distorted by this fear you harbor in regards to needing to feel in control; use this full moon’s energy to clear away the need to be in control, and replace it with faith in yourself and the Universe. This full moon, astrologically there is an opposition between the sun in Leo and the moon in Aquarius: This means that there is some contrast between the needs of the self versus the needs of the collective. Hathor wants you to remember that receptivity works both ways: it is important to be receptive to the needs of those around you in order to maintain harmony within your relationships. BUT it is even more important to balance this out by also being receptive to YOUR own needs; part of this process is voicing your needs and releasing any guilt or shame you may feel about doing so. You are an important piece of the puzzle that is the Cosmos: your needs are valid and deserve to be honored. Be receptive by accepting the help, attention, care, and blessings you want and need. Be receptive by releasing attachments to specific ideas of what is right and wrong, and instead allow Source to bring you that which is truly meant for you. If your current ideas and wishes ARE what is most aligned to your highest good, releasing the resistance that comes with expectation will only expedite the process of receiving. This full moon is meant to clear the way for that which is truly meant for you: this will most likely culminate around the time the Solar Eclipse on 8/21 comes into effect. Before then, clear the way and prepare yourself to receive your blessings.

Mercury Retrograde: The World

Mercury retrograde brings you a period of completion and new beginnings; the World is a card that augurs a cycle that has come full circle, closure and victory. It heralds the attainment of a long-desired goal, completion of an important milestone. The World signifies that at the end of this period of self-evaluation that is Mercury retrograde, you will have accomplished an important goal; this card represents the birth of something new, which is supported by the Solar Eclipse at the end of this month, followed by Mercury stationing back direct. I sense that this Mercury retrograde something is shaking loose for you: you are shedding your old skin by looking within to ascertain what is holding you back. This period of introspection will be like sort of a “Spring Cleaning” for you, one in which you will discover treasures that you forgot were even there. You will learn much about yourself and gain a much deeper understanding of the role you have to play within the collective consciousness, and this will be supported by new opportunities or events outside of you that will point you even closer into alignment to your highest good. Seize these ripe energies of renewal and new beginnings by truly going within and using Mercury retrograde’s self-evaluating energies. Release any energies that are blocking your ability to be introspective (fear, shame, guilt, apathy) and take on this mission of TRULY seeing yourself. Practice mindfulness and presence in order to ensure that you will not miss the opportunities being presented to you; be receptive to the signs and messages the Universe is sending your way. So much rebirth and renewal is coming your way this Mercury retrograde: make the most of it by doing the work that needs to be done to spur self-discovery.

Numerological Breakdown: 7 + (2+1) = 1

· Power

· Creativity

· New beginnings

· Independence


Row 2

Lunar Eclipse: The Hermit

This Lunar Eclipse for you is a turning point in which you are shedding all attachments you hold to people, situations, feelings and ideas outside yourself; you are commencing a phase in which you are getting more deeply in touch with yourself, going within to find the answers that you need. You are foregoing the need to receive validation or guidance from others and instead, you are honing your ability to intuit your own answers and reassurance. You are seeking to understand yourself more deeply and intimately than you ever have before: this Eclipse is here to help you release any bondage that makes you reliant on anything or anyone outside yourself. You would do well to embrace this period of hermitage by realizing that you do NOT need anyone or anything outside yourself. Enable yourself to establish a deeper connection to yourself by truly releasing any dependence you hold towards any people, ideas, situations, and feelings outside yourself. Rid yourself of programs that make you feel like you cannot be self-sufficient in every sense of the word. You alone hold the key to all of the mysteries and intricacies of your own life and destiny: why on earth would you forego this advantage by relying on anything outside yourself? Clear the way for this new you that is being birthed as we speak: do so by embracing the process of releasing and clearing contracts that make you prisoner to other people’s needs, expectations, protection and guidance. Release any fear or doubt that prevent you from comfortably relying on your own wisdom. When you feel the urge to seek love, validation, reassurance, support and/or guidance outside yourself, reroute that need and instead ask yourself “Why is my first instinct to seek for this outside of myself?” “How can I work on being more independent and self-reliant?” Embody the energy of the Hermit, the one who is so content and secure within himself, that he does not need anybody or anything. He nurtures and cares for himself so delicately and efficiently, with much ease. He is able to do this because he knows that he is a direct extension of God and all his magnificence: he understands that as so, there is nothing that he cannot accomplish, divine, or resolve all by himself. You ARE this saavy, badass Hermit: you just need to remember to begin embodying him.

Full Moon: Abundantia – Prosperity

Abundance is the natural state of the Universe: there is an ever-lasting, ever-flowing current of blessings always available to every soul that exists. Poverty and lack are all constructs of the earthly realm we are currently in: Lack is simply the illusion of being separate from the eternal flow of Divine Love. Abundantia comes in with a message about poverty mentality: she wants you to use this Full Moon to rid yourself of all programs that anchor lack and poverty into your life. You need to remember that you ARE God. You ARE the Universe. You ARE abundance and wealth…. But often times, being stuck in the 3-dimensional plane for too long, will trick us into forgetting just how magnificent, omnipotent and blessed we truly are. We forget that we are NOT human beings seeking a spiritual experience, but spiritual beings going through a human experience. Our TRUE state is the one in which we are one with God, Love, Abundance, Prosperity, Unity, Harmony: this illusion of separation is very much like a method actor who goes so long playing a specific role, becoming so deeply invested in his character, that he eventually forgets his own true identity. Abundantia wants you to remember to take off the mask that is lack and poverty: remember that these are constructs that you can do away with at any given point in time. You may currently be physically anchored into these vibrations of lack, and it may have been so for your entire life. But that does not mean that you cannot choose TODAY to simply align yourself back up with the frequency of prosperity. Do so by taking small steps to reroute your vibration within your day-to-day life: rid yourself of any bad habits you have in regards to abundance and prosperity. Cease to identify with poverty by saying things like “I’m broke” “I am alone in the world” “I cannot trust anyone” “I am always confused.” Cease to complain about how much you lack and instead practice the art of being thankful for all you DO have. Uninstall any unhealthy programs you hold in regards to abundance: this is in regards to monetary, emotional, and mental abundance. This full moon is here to help you clear out old beliefs and programs that are anchoring lack into your field; use this renewing current wisely, and embrace your natural state as an overflowing current of love, abundance and contentment.

Mercury Retrograde: The Tower

The Tower is a card that signifies the crumbling of structures and paradigms; sudden change and upheaval that turns our entire world upside down. While the Tower can certainly signify chaos and disaster, we need to remember to not give into fear. These chaotic currents of change are necessary for our ultimate improvement and growth. Mercury retrograde for you is about to bring the dissolution of a structure within your life: this could be a belief system, relationship, job, or any other major aspect of your being. These changes may be forced upon you if you refuse to take action to make them happen on your own terms: you would do well to use this Mercury retrograde to go within and figure out for yourself what needs to go, and the best method to clear it out of your life. You can always seize your power by taking matters into your own hands and CHOOSING to effect a major necessary change before the Universe forces this change upon you, in much more disastrous and unexpected ways. Embrace this current of destruction by realizing that destruction is in fact a very good and exciting prospect: like an old, dilapidated building being bulldozed to the ground. Yes, the process of tearing this structure right out of the ground WILL be loud, messy, and ugly. But it is also exciting watching these old frames burn to the ground, all the while dreaming of the new, beautiful master piece you can build once this old structure has been torn down. Release any fear or apprehension that prevent you from embracing these wonderful and NECESSARY changes: resisting changes will only turn this transformation into a much more painful process than it needs to be. Don’t let the momentum build up and surprise you with an intense and overly-powerful launch: instead, ease into the wave of change and allow yourself to be gently guided through these changes. Trust in your ability to overcome whatever challenges may come with this process, and to endure whatever losses it may bring. You have it within you to come out of this chaos with your head held high in victory.

Numerological Breakdown: 9 + (1+6) = 7

· Spiritual awakening and enlightenment

· Seeking and attaining truth

· Inner Wisdom

· Healing


Row 3

Lunar Eclipse: The Magician

The Magician is a card that augurs a period in which you have all the tools and energy to create a whole new you, and commence a brand new stage in your life. This Lunar Eclipse is clearing the way for you by removing any obstacles, old paradigms and situations that are getting in the way of your ability to channel the Magician’s raw power. He is a Magic Man who is fully aware of his innate talents and knows exactly how to use them; the Magician is adept at maximizing his mental, physical, emotional and spiritual faculties in everything he does. He invokes, with ease, the power of all four elements (air, earth, water and fire) to work in his favor; he is able to do this because the Magician is so firm and confident within himself: he knows exactly what he is capable of. This Lunar Eclipse you would do well to rid yourself of any remnants of doubt and or fear that cloud your ability to fully trust yourself. This card brings you a sense of renewed confidence that will allow you to step back into your power: you ARE the Magician, you ARE Magic. You ARE earth and fire and water and air. Beneath the layer that is your humanity, you are a divine being who is capable of anything. You are being called towards transforming and reinventing yourself this Eclipse season: know that you have all the wisdom, creativity, power and confidence that you need in order to create the best possible version of yourself. There is so much energy of renewal and rebirth that you can employ to pull yourself closer into alignment with your highest good: let this transformation wash over you by loosening your grip on any people, situations, ideas, feelings and programs that are impeding your ability to grow into your best self. You know EXACTLY what needs to go, and if you have been feeling apprehensive towards the act of letting go, remind yourself that there are many blessings at the other side of this seemingly daunting task. Be the Magician: fearlessly powerful, confident, and personally involved in the changes affecting him. Step into your role as a conscious creator this Lunar Eclipse.

Full Moon: Nemetona

This Full Moon is calling you towards the task of elevating every aspect of your life and being: Nemetona is an Inuit Goddess who is here to remind you that there is a Sacred Space always existing within you. If there are any aspects of yourself that do not resonate to the frequency of divinity, this is the time to do away with these low-vibrational fragments that impede your complete alignment to your highest good. There is divinity waiting to flourish within you: even if you are already a very spiritually aligned person, this full moon is here to renew and amplify this spiritual connection by purifying every aspect of your being. This is a time to rid yourself of any remnants of doubt, fear and resentment that are polluting your endless flow of divinity. You would do well to establish a more spiritual connection to your physical vessel and the earthly realm; detox your mind body and spirit from anything that does not resonate to the highest vibration you are capable of embodying. If you have been feeling disconnected from your highest self/spirituality, now is the perfect time to nurture that connection by remembering that it has always been there, intact and strong as ever. You have never once been separate from the flow of Universal Divinity: purge any belief that tells you otherwise. Embrace your status as a Divine being and relish the boundless love, abundance and contentment that the Universe is so willingly pouring onto you at this time. You ARE a sacred space: if you have trouble remembering this, remind yourself by reflecting this sanctity through every aspect of your life. Create altars, detox your body, purge bad habits/people/situations, practice compassion openly towards yourself and all others. Behave like the divine being that you are, and integrate your ego into this sacrosanct state of being by remembering that the ego (in its high vibrational state) is simply an earthly reflection of spirit; there is no separation between the two. If you can do this, soon every aspect of your life will reflect the sacred space within you.

Mercury Retrograde: Six of Swords

The Six of Swords is a card about endings and transitioning; this Mercury retrograde will be a period of respite and evaluation in which you will go through the motions of purging that which is weighing you down. This card depicts a stage in our lives in which we are finally ready to let go of something that we used to cling onto; this fragment of our lives that we had such an attachment to, is now clearly dead weight that we are prepared to forego for the sake of growth. Six of Swords as a representation of Mercury retrograde’s themes signifies that this period of introspection will bring you the mental clarity and strength that you need to finally sort through your baggage, and make sense of it in a way that makes you feel ready to finally throw it out. This period of reassessment will be sort of a “vacation,” a period of rest. You are meant to take your time sorting through the situation(s) at hand, there is no need to rush into taking action. There are already so many changes and opportunities surfacing, so you need not seek them out. Instead, sit back and allow the right opportunities, people and situations to come in and out of your life as needed. You don’t need to lift a finger: just remain present, grounded and flexible. Nurture a sense of calm within you, knowing that you are safe now and can simply sit back and let things unfold on their own. You have endured so much already, and this is your time to simply retreat within yourself and watch the situation from the inside out. As long as you keep faith in the fact that Source will always guide you to the appropriate path, and practice the art of remaining open to the endless sea of possibilities before you, there is nothing else that you need to do this Mercury retrograde, aside from waiting patiently and excitedly for this rite of passage to finalize.

Numerological Breakdown: 1 + 6 = 7

· Spiritual awakening and enlightenment

· Seeking and attaining truth

· Inner Wisdom

· Healing