New Moon Ritual – Consciously Creating Your Reality

New Moons are symbolic of new beginnings and planting new seeds; when the moon is at its darkest, it’s energy supports our ability to set intentions for what we wish to manifest within our lives. This could relate to the kind of person we want to become, or the things, people or situations we wish to have within our lives.

A New Moon ritual is a simple yet effective way to consciously set our intentions so that they may come to fruition. There are many ways we can express our intentions, but the simplest one is by keeping a journal dedicated to writing down our intentions for manifestation. Whether you believe in magic/the power of spirit or not, this is a great habit to cultivate and maintain: think of it as a monthly check in with yourself in which you explicitly set goals for what you wish to accomplish, and how you wish to grow. Even psychologically, there is power in verbalizing our desires and materializing them even if it is only by writing them down on a physical piece of paper. When we do this, energetically we are also downloading our vision into the physical realm we exist in.

To do a New Moon ritual, simply follow these instructions:

1. Gather a blank, unused journal or notebook. It needs to be dedicated solely to your new moon intentions

2. Consecrate the journal: this means, pour whatever energy or intention you wish that object to carry. In this case, the objective is to have this journal be a vessel for your intentions to manifest through. Consecrate the journal by placing it between your hands and praying over it (out loud or in your mind) “I dedicate this journal to manifesting all of my new moon intentions.” Write your full name inside the journal in the first couple pages.

3. The consecration only needs to be done once, before ever writing in the journal. Once consecrate you may begin writing in the journal. You can do so at every new moon: there is a three day window around the new moon you can follow (so three days before the new moon and three days after.)

4. When writing your intentions, remember to always write in the present affirmative tense: this means, write your intentions as if they are already currently a reality. “I am… I have… I feel… I think… I believe… I attract…” NEVER use future tense, nor use the words “I wish… I want… I will…” as this will manifest a reality in which you are always wanting and wishing.

5. Finally, remember to always end a writing session by sealing your intentions with a clause such as this one: “I thank the Universe/Source/God for enabling all of my intentions to fully come to fruition, always in alignment with my highest good.” This ensures that whatever intentions become reality do so because it is truly what is meant for you. It also prevents manifesting things out of fear or lack.

New Moon dates for the remainder of 2017: August 21st, September 19th, October 19th, November 18th, December 17th.

New Moon dates for 2018


Happy intention setting! May all your dreams and desires become manifest reality today and always ✨



Ritual highlighted as originally shared by Danielle Ayoka (@mysticxlipstick on Twitter)