Pisces New Moon – Tarot Reading – Energy Forecast (Spring 2018)

Choose the spread that resonates with you from the picture above, then scroll down to see the interpretation of what this New Moon in Pisces has in store for you!


1. Distant Thunder & Page of Pentacles

2. Cleansing Waters & Justice

3. Wandering Path & The World

1. Distant Thunder & Page of Pentacles

For you, this New Moon brings a dramatic kind of renewal, the kind that certainly does not go unnoticed. It is likely that leading into this lunation you have been experiencing some sort of event that is somehow turbulent; your life (or at least part of it) is being held by the ankles over a trash can, being shaken violently. All you can do is watch as the contents of your pockets slowly slip out and make their way into the trash bin looming underneath; the thing is, that this violent shakedown isn’t life’s way of stripping you of that which you love. This is life’s way of stripping you of all the lint, gum wrappers and other garbage you have been carrying in your pockets, unaware that it was in fact, no longer of use to you. You must let this shakedown just take place: if you feel like you’re being beat up by life, that’s how you KNOW that there is something big coming. Yes, life can feel like a huge bully right now, but this bully isn’t here to take your lunch money, moreso to take away the useless stuff you so fiercely hang onto. So I guess what I am saying is…. Say THANK YOU FOR TAKING AWAY ALL THE THINGS I DON’T NEED ANYMORE.

Let the shake down take place, hell, even learn how to enjoy it. There is a certain je ne sais quoi about the process of watching the dilapidated parts of your life being bulldozed to the ground; if you can remember to give over to the task to DREAM and fantasize about all the wonderful new things that can be built in this newly empty space. You are not being left to forfeit: you are being given all that you need to launch into a new beginning. Everything that is being destroyed now will soon be replaced by an even better version of itself. Manifestation within the material realm is now possible because you no longer have a bunch of pointless clutter standing in the way.

This New Moon is a good time for you to physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually make way for the new beginnings ahead. The turmoil of bulldozing is soon to be over; it will be over even faster if you just cease to resist. Pick up a sledgehammer and start knocking down some walls yourself! Have fun, enjoy this process. Let yourself feel excited over the endings in your midst, knowing that the beginnings are right around the corner…. and they are bringing party favors 😉

To start building your new vision, the best place to start is to tear down the old one. To allow yourself to be excited about this process of creation, and instead of focusing on that which is dead and buried, go out and start planning for the new structures you are soon to create.

2. Cleansing Waters & Justice

This New Moon brings a complete sense of peaceful renewal: you have been undergoing a gradual transformation and cleansing, and that gradual process is now coming to a head.

You may not have even noticed for a while that you were in the midst of a process of purification; you may have even become unaware of the changes around you until they were already set in stone, leaving you to wonder “what the hell just happened?!” But alas…. That is how it was meant to be. As we grow in height, you don’t really notice the millimeter you grow every day. You only take notice when, all of a sudden, a few months have passed and you’re a whole few inches taller than you used to be. If you were to check your growth every day to find you’d only grown so “little,” you may have become discouraged and convinced that your growth wasn’t happening at all…. So, life has let you cruise through this process of growth and cleansing. Letting you forget that it was even happening because now?? Now that all of a sudden you are at point B when you used to be at point A, you are so much more amazed with the growth you have made.

It is important that you take notice at this time of the cleansing you have been receiving. Let yourself gauge just how purified you truly are now, and allow yourself to follow through on the purification. If there are any loose ends to tie up, now is the time to do it. You must give yourself absolution on all fronts: whatever still feels unresolved, must be brought to scrutiny so it can be closed out for good.

You must seize the closure that you need in order to follow through this process of purification: the Universe has been guiding you gently through most of this, but now is your time to take the wheel again and to consciously culminate this huge cleanse. It is time that you speak up for yourself, that you demand the balance and absolution that you seek. Only you can absolve yourself of whatever may still weigh you down; find the best way to give yourself that absolution, and DO IT. This transformation will be over the moment YOU decide for it to be over, and reflect that decision into your conscious actions. Wield your power to close out the last paragraph of this tired chapter, so you may begin writing the sequel.

3. Wandering Path & The World

This New Moon is here to reassure you that you are exactly in the right place, at the right time, under the right conditions, and that it doesn’t matter how much you disagree that everything is, in fact, perfectly in order.

The Universe doesn’t really care how much you don’t see the picture coming together; it doesn’t care that you might prefer for this or that to be different. All that matters is that EVERYTHING has been divinely orchestrated to be the way it is, because the way it is, is in perfect alignment with your highest good. You are being called towards dropping all doubt, fear and pretenses and just BEING IN THE MOMENT. Celebrate the fact that you’re in the perfect place at the perfect time, because you are.

An entire chapter of your life has now come to a close and is currently giving birth to a new chapter, a happier, more adventurous, more fruitful chapter. The thing about birth, though…… Is that it is MESSY and painful and uncomfortable in so many different ways. The birthing mother might very well scream and curse at every soul who is blessed enough to witness this miraculous moment in her life: she IS in so much pain after all, and she just shit herself all over the birthing table. But she hasn’t forgotten that this discomfort is a natural part of the miracle she is creating: she hasn’t forgotten that at the end of that painful, uncomfortable, messy labor, is a blessing bigger than she could have ever thought herself capable of creating.

So, YES you might not fully believe that you’re about to create something wonderful, but you must prod yourself towards believing that you’re in the midst of a miraculous birthing process. To believe that whatever discomfort you’re experiencing is just a natural part of the process of creation you’re undertaking.

Remind yourself that right now the point is NOT for you to know exactly what is going on, or where you are headed. The point is not for things to be the way you think or would like for them to be. The point now, is for things to just be the way they are truly meant to be. You are exactly where you’re meant to be, headed where you are meant to go, doing what you are meant to be doing. Don’t let anything or anyone fool you into thinking otherwise: instead, just enjoy the suspense. Now is a good time to get a newfound sense of appreciation for surprises, because surprises are on their way to you (and they are the good kind of surprises!)