Sagittarius Full Moon – Tarot Reading – June 9th 2017


This week I felt called to pulling 3 different spreads representing the main themes currently affecting the collective consciousness under this Sag Full Moon ūüôā

BEFORE YOU SCROLL DOWN TO SEE THE INTERPRETATIONS, PICK A SPREAD BELOW THAT “CALLS” TO YOU THE MOST. If you feel called to more than one spread, feel free to read into multiple spreads, as it is possible to be affected by more than one theme.


Did you pick your spread???


You sure on that??


Yeah I’m just trying to put some distance between the pictures so the results don’t get accidentally spoiled;)



Ok so as for the results for the different spreads:



SPREAD 1 Р The Sun, Justice, and Pele

SPREAD 2 – Queen of Pentacles, Knight of Cups, Kali

SPREAD 3 Р The Hermit, King of Pentacles, Eireen



The sun bears a wonderfully positive message; this card is all about vitality, fun, confidence, success. The message I am receiving from this card as a theme, is that we are currently tapping into the expansive, fortunate energy of Jupiter Stationing direct- Jupiter had been in retrograde since February of this year, and it has stationed direct TODAY precisely. The sun is showing you that you are now in tune with the energies of expansion, fortune and growth. This is the time to seize whatever opportunities are before us: Have confidence in your ability to surpass whatever obstacles you have been facing. The cosmos is currently blessing you with good luck and lots of little “boosts” to help you get to where you need to go. CARPE THE FUCK OUT OF THAT DIEM!

Justice¬†is a card whose main theme is fairness and balance. I sense that, the theme here is that whatever is about to come your way, will be a “fair” deal all the way through. Assuming you HAVEN’T been up to no good (lol), this is an amazingly positive sign that things will soon fall into place for you. Anything that has been looking like it MIGHT NOT turn out in your favor, will be resolved and discarded from your life. I am feeling the message here, though, to be mostly based around our ability to be fair to ourselves. ESPECIALLY since this spread has Pele as its last advice card. Justice is asking you to think critically: ARE you being fair to yourself?? Jupiter being in libra definitely bears a lot of significance here: Your luck WILL turn around the moment you begin to be fair to yourself (of course it’s great to be fair to others, but can you really be fair to other people if you aren’t treating YOURSELF with respect and justice??) Balance out whatever feels out of whack within your life. Stand up for yourself and your needs, ask and you shall receive is the main theme I see within this card.

Pele bears a pretty straight-forward messages: “Be true to your heart’s desire.” Pele is asking us here, to take a moment to reflect upon what we REALLY want and need. Are you currently in any kind of situation where YOUR needs are being shoved off to the side for the sake of others’ agendas? Pele is reminding you that YOU ARE SO FUCKING IMPORTANT and you NEEEEEEEED to assert this fact onto others in every aspect of your life. Find a good middle ground where you can cater to YOURSELF first, and still hold compassion for others. This is a CRUCIAL time when it comes to setting the pace to the rest of the year: Jupiter stationing direct, in tandem with this full moon in Sagittarius (ruled by jupiter) is all about our personal growth and expansion. Make sure that your growth is applying towards an endgame that is aligned to YOUR soul’s purpose.


Queen of Pentacles represents the woman who is both self-serving and self-less. It bears a very “motherly” energy that represents the mother who has mastered the art of caring for her family while ensuring that her needs as an individual are being met. It bears a theme of security and stability, being down to earth. I feel like the main theme with this card is around achieving stability for ourselves within the material realm, by seeking to be independent and breaking free from any relationships/attachments that may stifle our individuality. Queen of pentacles is asking you to keep a level head: to look after your wellbeing before anything else. In turn, you will be blessed with prosperity and abundance, so much of it that you will be able to share the blessings with those you love. DO NOT FORGET that the key here, is to seek to be independent and self-serving, in a way that is aligned to your highest good and the highest good of those around you. Keep working away at your financial/career goals as I feel like this card is mostly focused around that area.

Knight of Cups – This card I think bears a very significant theme of being balanced within your masculine and feminine energies: The Knights in the tarot usually represent a male figure, and Cups (the suit of water) bear a very feminine energy. In tandem, we have a knight: Someone who is fierce and determined, never afraid to pursue their heart’s desire. But this knight is above the merely aggressive energy of the “chase:” the Knight of cups uses his intuition, and gets in touch with his emotional side in order to effectively achieve his goals. This card is really asking us to balance our polarities: Get in tune with your feminine side: Trust your intuition and always respect and acknowledge your emotions. Use these two “feminine” toolkits to better apply your “masculine” assertive energy. Summed up: Knight of Cups is asking you to follow your heart and intuition, but DO NOT FORGET to enact these energies onto the physical realm!

Kali –¬†The card of “endings and beginnings” here is asking you to keep purging anything that no longer serves you. Whether it is a friendship, relationship, job, program or feeling. There is something that you are holding onto that is impeding your continuous growth. We are in a stage of renewal and rebirth- Great growth and expansion is upon each and every one of us. Today, with moon conjunct saturn we are definitely seeing some karmic baggage and old wounds coming out to play. PAY ATTENTION to these energies that are coming out of the woods and RELEASE THEM WITH GRACE. You cannot go out shopping for some new cute furniture if your home currently looks like a hoarders episode. Let go of all that no longer serves a purpose in your life, and see those newly empty spaces fill up with new bounty and blessings.¬†From chaos and destruction comes creation- one cannot exist without the other.


The Hermit¬†is calling out to you and asking you to look deep within yourself for guidance: The most noticeable growth usually comes from the moments in which we take a moment to reflect upon our own truth. This is a card that bears a message of introspection, getting in touch with our intuition and looking within for answers. I feel like the hermit here is SPECIFICALLY asking us to shed light on all the aspects within ourselves that we usually neglect- the shadow. Look within to find the parts of you that have been shoved off to a corner and neglected. Remember that, there is always a way to integrate our shadow qualities into our lives so they can serve a higher purpose. This kind of change can only come when you look deep within yourself, and that is exactly what the Hermit’s message is about. Find some time to be alone with your own thoughts, feelings and energy and resurface amazed at what you find within.

King of Pentacles bears a similar message to that of the Queen of Pentacles- they both augur security, stability and prosperity within the material realm. The key difference here is that, the King of Pentacles indicates that the way to achieve this prosperity is through DISCIPLINE. You need to get down to tying up any loose ends: I sense that those who felt called to this spread may have some hyperfemininity to balance out. You have the vision, the intuition and creativity down on lock, but what about taking tangible action within the physical realm? King of Pentacles is asking you to quit living inside your own head and take ACTION to make your dreams come true. You have amazing power within your grasp, and it is up to you to activate it via your actions. You are SO CLOSE TO ACHIEVING whatever it is you have been working for: Now is the time to fine tune the details and get to work!!! Tap into that assertive masculine side and quit making excuses as to why you need to wait to act. THE TIME IS NOW!

Eireen bears a message of peace and calm; she opens our eyes to the reality that the Universe is always complicit in our ultimate success. If you have been feeling anxious about anything in particular, know that IT WILL BE OK. Whatever is currently troubling you, is but a minor inconvenience which is soon to be resolved. Remember that the law of attraction dictates that, wherever our thoughts go is what gets manifested into our lives. Quit worrying so much and embrace a carefree attitude of KNOWING that the Universe will come through for you. Manifest this easy win by having faith and fully believing in the fact that ALL IS WELL. Whatever issues you are facing now, are either a test of your resolve/faith, or a lesson that you must incorporate to attain a higher level of understanding. It is up to you how you react to these difficulties: Choose to manifest peaceful success for yourself.



Hope that you all resonated with the spread of your choosing! If you feel like you relate to any of the spreads other than the one you picked intuitively, feel free to apply those lessons into your life. These are the main themes going around for all of us, so chances are we are all being affected by all 3.

Happy full moon and Jupiter station direct everyone! Hope you’ll be able to achieve some amazing growth in the weeks to come <3

Much (tough) love and light,