Lunar Eclipse – Aquarius Full Moon – Mercury Retrograde Tarot Reading (August 4th 2017)

Lunar Eclipses are cosmic events that aid us in the process of releasing all which no longer serves us; they shed light on that which needs to go and even force our hand at times when we have been resisting this “letting go” for too long.

Full moon is the most powerful and versatile Lunar phase, and can be used both for clearing AND manifestation: however, most commonly the Full Moon is also known to act as a mini lunar eclipse: helping us release that which we no longer need.

Mercury Retrograde, the stage in Mercury’s orbit in which it appears to be moving backwards, is a period in which our intellectual faculties, mental power and communicative nature turns inwards. Most infamous for the disasters and inconveniences it causes, Mercury retrograde is actually a very renewing period in which we get to look inwards and focus on understanding ourselves from the inside out. A time in which we get to check in with our own subconscious so we can reroute our lives as necessary.

This week we have a Full moon/Lunar Eclipse happening on the 7th, and Mercury stations Retrograde on the 12th. This tarot reading is meant to shed light on the main themes affecting the collective consciousness under these cosmic events. Pick the row that calls to you the most to reveal the themes most pertinent to you:


Did you pick your spread???


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