Taurus Full Moon – Tarot Reading – November 3rd 2017

This Full Moon in Taurus brings us sensual, grounding energies that help us get back to center within ourselves; a gentle reminder of the fact that, this experience we are having is meant to be enjoyed and cherished, that we are here to be present and to tend to our earthly needs. Coupled with the fact that this lunation is happening on a Friday, Venus’s day, the energies of sensual pleasure, love and beauty are even more tangible. This week, I felt called towards doing a general reading for the collective, instead of pulling multiple spreads. Luna is bringing up the following themes for the collective on this sensual Friday:

The cards that came up (from all 4 of my decks) are: Star Mother Arrakis, The Magician, Page of Pentacles, Seven of Swords, Four of Pentacles, Quest, Expansion, Kali, and Diana.

Star Mother Arrakis asks us to remember our true origins: to keep in mind that every single moment of this human experience is just that: an experience. This is not to minimize the weight of all of the burdens that we are made to carry in this dense, 3-dimensional world: but only to bear in mind the larger picture. Remembering that, in truth we are not mere humans, that we are not defined by any of the experiences we are subject to in this world. That the meaning of our existence transcends that of the meaning of any of our deeds, accomplishments, traumas, shortcomings. You are divinity incarnate.  Every single thing that you are experiencing, have experienced and will experience, is divine just off the sheer fact that YOU are divine. Allow yourself to fully experience every single thing this realm has to offer, unabashed, unashamed, unburdened. Feel no shame in being flawed, in enjoying earthly pleasures, in needing to give in to your ego once in a while. If you currently deprive yourself of any earthly experience, remind yourself that this is all a part of the experience YOU signed up for, regardless of how shallow, materialistic, unholy, inadequate you are made to feel because of it. Do not allow the world around you to make you feel shame for any of the things that YOUR soul craves to experience in this earthly realm; and do not take those who judge you  too seriously: their judgment is the earthly vice THEY have chosen. Every experience this realm has to offer is merely a vehicle through which you can further explore and understand the magnitude of your own divinity. Allow every bit of your painful humanity to bring you closer together with Source by realizing that Source IS in everything you do, always, inherently.

The Magician is a wonderful omen of manifestation: this Full Moon is such a powerful ally when it comes to creating the physical abundance and stability that we crave and deserve. With Taurus energy especially, all matters related to finances and material stability/prosperity are greatly supported. The Magician augurs that this is a time in which we need to be actively focusing all of our energy, talents and facets (mind, body, heart, spirit) on creating the life that we envision for ourselves. This is a time in which the more you reach out for your desires, the harder Source pushes them towards you, into your hands where you can finally enjoy them. The Magician reminds us that Manifestation occurs when we can adequately manipulate ourselves and our surrounding world to match the vibration of that which you desire: this is a time to actively raise our vibration in order to resonate to that of abundance and prosperity. Do so by taking actions that mirror an inner sense of confidence and self-worth: actively pouncing on good opportunities that come your way, putting yourself out there and taking a risk (having faith in yourself,) making bold moves in order to achieve your dreams. You deserve whatever it is that you are after: believe it (and embody it) and THEN you will see it manifest physically. Have faith!

Page of Pentacles reinforces the energy of material renewal that is currently being highlighted by the Magician; we may soon be presented with opportunities that allow us to create the wealth and prosperity we have been working to attain. This earthy Page shows us feeling renewed and ready to go out into the world, to set into motion all of the ventures we have been silently brewing up in our minds. This Full Moon is here to help us let go of any remnants of stagnancy that cloud our ability to get up and get things moving along: take advantage of these fruitful energies and begin setting things into motion. Seize any opportunities for increased stability and abundance that come your way, and create new opportunities for yourself in any way that you can. If you have been planning/thinking about any new ventures or ideas, now is a great time to begin taking tangible action on materializing those ideas.

Four of Pentacles sees us creating material wealth and stability for ourselves, yet comes in mostly as a reminder of the need for balance in everything that we do: With such sensual, earthy energies being brought up on this Venusian Full Moon, we need to remember that the physical is only a fraction of the picture. Be wary of becoming overly grounded and rooted in the physical, to the point where you begin to attach your identity, sense of self-worth and safety to your earthly possessions and wealth. Prosperity exists in many forms: physical, emotional, mental and spiritual. Practice balance when exploring your connection to the earthly realm: remember that while earthly pleasures and material abundance ARE your birthright and part of the experience, they are ONLY PART OF IT. Do not overvalue the physicality of things to the point where you begin to give into greed, and turn your quest for material satisfaction into a quest of fear rooted in separation. You ARE abundance / wealth / prosperity / love personified: release any fear and compulsion that may be blocking your ability to have a balanced and sacred connection to earthly experiences.

Seven of Swords comes in as a reminder that we must shed all aspects of ourselves that are anything less but absolute truth; we may yet be holding onto something that is a lie, a deception, a sham. This could be a part of ourselves, our identity, a feeling, a thought, or it may be an actual situation within our life: this Full Moon we are being asked to take a good, harsh look at ourselves and find anything that does not authentically come from our higher self. Seven of Swords shows us being sneaky and stealthy about something: trying to “get away with” something that we KNOW BETTER THAN but still choose to give into. At this time, we need to be sitting down with ourselves and putting ourselves on blast about every action we take which is not an authentic expression of our Soul’s essence. Shed any masks that you may yet hang onto for the sake of others, for the sake of your “reputation,” for the sake of complacency and consistency. Express yourself and the desires of your heart and soul in everything that you do: it is time to stop deceiving yourself and letting yourself down by straying from your truth.

Quest shows us seeking for direction as if we did not already know where we are headed; there may be some “imagined” fear before us that is not rooted in reality, but in our own preconceived notions of how unattainable our quest is. We are being reminded that we are on the right path, and that sometimes we need to do reality checks with ourselves to make sure we aren’t literally psyching ourselves out by overthinking. Assess your fears and apprehensions at this current time: try to make sense of if they are rooted in reality, or if you are blowing things our of proportion. There is some fear within you that needs to be dispelled and released, and this fear is what is causing you to see snakes where there is only grass. Take a deep breath. Remind yourself that you are on a righteous path, and as such you are always protected and guided. Look past the mirage created by your own fear and exhaustion, and keep treading along on your divine quest.

Expansion asks us to evaluate the support systems in our life, and the company we choose to keep; with so much focus on the physical this Full Moon, we are being asked to raise the vibration of our physical surroundings so they may match the high vibration we are trying to nurture within. This is a time in which we need to be “culling” out all connections which do not directly contribute to our highest good, and seeking to bond more deeply with the connections that strengthen our alignment to self. Seek refuge in the people in your life that mirror the highest, most holy aspects of yourself. If there is any matter that you need guidance on, now is a great time to rely on like-minded souls for a fresh take on the situation. Broaden your perspective and deepen your connection to Source by mingling and bonding with souls who mirror the light you carry within.

Kali asks us to continue to let go of all remnants of our old self, all echos of our past that have somehow managed to linger into our present reality. We have all been undergoing a purge: all fragments of ourselves that did not stand up to the scrutiny of truth, are beginning to die off; however there may still be a few fragments here and there that we hang onto by choice. Whether these fragments are still physically in your life, like the old pair of jeans you refuse to throw out regardless of how old and ugly they are, or whether they remain in your life only by the way in which you choose to keep mourning over them: it is time to let go. Cut out of your life anything that does not resonate to the present you, and the future you that you are still creating. If you have already undergone an ending, remember that it is important for you to emotionally let go of people and situations as well. It is time to “stop crying over spilled milk” and to begin looking towards the future: honor the things, people and situations you are leaving behind by using their departure as motivation to become your best self possible. Do so by looking at this “ending” as just a transformation, a beautiful opportunity for you to continue growing and evolving.

Diana brings us some reinforced will-power and focus that is meant to help us become more in tune with ourselves and our purpose; this Full Moon, we are being asked to recall all bits of our energy that had been robbed from us by situations and people which are being culled by Kali: use these newfound bits of your energy to focus even more intently on your goals and your dreams. Diana asks that we become more rooted and grounded within ourselves than we ever have been before: to become sure of who we are, what we want, where we are headed, and how we aim to accomplish it. Become more intimately connected to yourself and your dreams than you ever have been before: anything that does not have to do directly with you and your goals is irrelevant at this time. As the wise Maxine Waters said, it is time to “Reclaim your time” and reclaim your power, your energy, your light. Focus all of yourself on that which truly matters: yourself.