Taurus New Moon – Tarot Reading – April 26th 2017

Since this week I decided to do the reading via Youtube video, I will only be writing a brief summary of each of the cards; feel free to watch the video for a more in depth breakdown of the reading, as well as tips for aspiring tarot practitioners 🙂 Watch the video here:

[youtube https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=T8LTAWMKmeo&w=560&h=315]

  1. 8 of Cups – Representing each individual within the Collective Consciousness | 2. 10 of Pentacles – Representing the Energy/Our Surroundings at this New Moon | 3. The High Priestess – Representing how we can harness these energies for our highest good | 4. 9 of Cups (Reversed) – Representing our obstacles at this New Moon

Oracle Card: Aine – Representing the Overall Summary of this Reading.



Numerological Breakdown: 8+10+2+9=29=11=2 | Number 11, being a master number, will be taken into consideration as a lone integer, along with its reduced form number 2. Number 11 is a symbol of Karma, Spiritual Enlightenment, Inspiration, Manifestation. Number 11, being a compounded version of masculine number 1, and equaling to feminine number 2, brings about the balance that comes with the duality of a balanced Masculine/Feminine energies. Number 2 in and of its own is the most powerfully feminine number; it brings about a message of balance and duality, as well as a reminder to nurture our dreams as if they were seedlings, still dormant underground and waiting for proper nourishment before sprouting.

Eight of Cups signifies that we are still in the same introspective mode we were at when mercury retrograde started; 8 of cups speaks of a certain level of dissatisfaction when it comes to our lives and surroundings, and consequently taking a deep plunge into our own minds to figure out how to alleviate this discomfort. Deep introspection is still very important for all of us at this time; keep doing the labor of truly getting to know yourself in order to improve every aspect of your life that no longer serves you.

10 of Pentacles here is telling of a time in which we have been enduring some sort of struggle which is soon coming to an end. If you have been busting your ass to get somewhere, or simply enduring a difficult/unpleasant situation, 10 of Pentacles is a sign that the opportunity to change things around is here, just waiting for you to cease it.

High Priestess, as our advice on how to harness the energy of the 10 of Pentacles, is telling us that we must get in touch with our divine feminine energy. We live in a time where the divine feminine is suppressed and shamed a lot of the time, and allowing these programs into your life is a huge disservice to yourself. Are you integrating your empathy, compassion, intuition, and shadow into your life to make yourself of service to humanity? If not, then now is the time to get back in touch with all aspects of your divine feminine. This beautiful, nurturing energy is just what we need to turn lemons into lemonade at such a crucial time like this.

Now, on the other hand, we have the reversed 9 of Cups as our obstacle, and this is a card that is cautioning us not to allow ourselves to get lost in our divine feminine. 9 of Pentacles speaks of overindulgence, and I get the sense that this energy will mostly be applied to over-indulging in self-pity by way of over-introspection. Remember that, in EVERYTHING we do, there must be a sense of balance. When getting in touch with your divine feminine, and undergoing self-reflection, just be wary of getting lost in your own mind as this can create a cycle of perma-daydreaming sans any actual results. Integrate the divine feminine while allowing yourself to take action as per the divine masculine.

For our Oracle card, we have Aine. She is a Goddess who is reinforcing the message seen by the 9 of Cups Reversed – Aine encourages us to take a leap of faith and commit to ourselves and our dreams. She reminds us that, in order to manifest amazing things into reality, we must make up our minds about what we want and about the fact that we do in fact deserve those things.

Again, for a more detailed explanation of this week’s reading, go check out the full video on my youtube channel, and make sure to subscribe to keep up on future videos!

Love and light to all, til next week! – MO

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