The Page of Wands: Open Spiritual Guidance

Page of Wands, Shadowscapes Tarot ©Stephanie Pui-Mun Law

Welcome to the newest segment of Maiden Oracle Metaphysics: The Page of Wands Blog.

Allow me to introduce myself. My name is Sacha, and I am the writer of this blog. In Tarot, the court cards can represent people in your life who offer you guidance and perspective. The Page of Wands is the court card that I have always been drawn to. Wands, the suit of creation and expression, joins the Page, the most youthful and optimistic of the guides, eager to change the world. However, her youth is deceiving, for all of the court cards represent ancient entities passing down guidance that transcends the ages. She is my personal guide, and I am honored to share the wisdom she has shown me with the world. I look forward to assisting you on your path to spiritual enlightenment, just as the Page continues to do for me.

What’s the difference between Maiden Oracle posts and Page of Wands posts?

Leslie, the Maiden Oracle, is a specialist, seeing through to the center of your being, and providing highly accurate, deeply personalized spiritual wisdom. Her blog posts are an extension of that, relevant, targeted posts reflecting on the moment.

I am a generalist: a pattern finder, drawing parallels from as many sources of spirituality as possible to paint a universal portrait of the collective consciousness to be utilized by all students of spirituality.

Once a week or so, I will publish a new blog post outlining how to interpret information from all across the spiritual spectrum to use as a supplement to your personalized readings. These lessons are completely free to the public.

Knowledge is the most powerful tool in creation, so I am motivated to provide comprehensible spiritual lessons to anyone who wishes to learn. The world of metaphysics is vast and abstract, so it can be difficult for beginners, novices, or even experts to cipher through the myriad sources and convoluted explanations available. While the pool of knowledge is infinite, it does not need to be so daunting to wade in its waters. I strive to use my writing to lead you into the spiritual realms that are accessible to beginners and experts alike. But I can only guide you to the water. It is your decision what to do once you get there.

While I plan to keep my lessons accessible for all levels of spiritual knowledge, there are a few basic terms that are helpful to learn beforehand. Periodically, I will be posting “crash courses” in particular topics to go over the basics. If you are unfamiliar with any of the topics I will be covering, I recommend checking back to these posts to learn, refresh your memory, or discover the methods that I personally refer to as there are several interpretations of the “correct” way to do things in every form of metaphysics.

I have already posted the Astrology Crash Course which you can check out here. Astrology is my specialty, so most of my blog posts will be lessons of that sort.