Venus conjunct Jupiter + Divine Union – Tarot Reading – November 2017

Sensual, romantic Venus joins wise, adventurous Jupiter in a conjunction as of November 13th 2017: the conjunction as an aspect or transit (in this case) denote two planets who are essentially being blended together, alchemizing into a whole new hybrid energy that did not exist before. Today we are experiencing one of the most exciting blends: Venus: ruler of love, beauty, sensuality, money, is coming together with Jupiter: ruler of higher awareness, pursuit of wisdom, good fortune, expansion.

I pulled the following cards to gauge the energies that will be manifesting around us during this transit:

This Venus/Jupiter conjunction is marked by the following energies: Death, Beyond Death: Life, A New Gown, Four of Wands, Seven of Pentacles, Ten of Wands, Page of Cups, The Lovers (Reversed), Sacred Union, Queen of Wands.

Additionally, prior to even deciding that I wanted to do a reading for this Venus/Jupiter conjunction, I had been feeling called towards checking on the state of Divine Union. For weeks I have been feeling this build up, polar opposites reconciling with each other and alchemizing by reuniting with each other.

Since the cards that came up for Venus/Jupiter conjunction pointed to the fact that Sacred Union will be a theme throughout this period, I decided to pull some cards to check on the Divine Masculine and Feminine as well:

Divine Union is being represented by Death, and the Two of Cups.

Divine Feminine is being represented by Judgment, Guilt and Al Uzza Star of Venus.

Divine Masculine is being represented by Seven of Swords, Victim, The Lion and the Deer.

To view my interpretation for both of these readings, you can replay the periscope transmission in which I broke down these energies in depth: Click here to view interpretations