Weekly Tarot Reading: May 5th – May 12th


Three main themes for the week: The Tower | Ace of Swords | Four of Pentacles

     Numerological Breakdown: (1+6)+1+4=12=3     |     Number 3 is linked to the planet of expansion (Jupiter) and the fruitful tarot card of the Empress; this holy number definitely resonates with energies of growth, unification, trusting in your intuition.

The Tower – A very powerful and (sort of) ominous card that represents sudden change and upheaval; although a grand majority of the time the Tower does signify some sort of turmoil, it is imperative that we remember that, with all chaos and destruction, creation will follow suit. The Tower in this reading, representing a major theme for this week, is shedding light on the fact that all of us have been undergoing some sort of change or revelation; the very foundations of our lives are being shaken to the core, whether that is physically or metaphorically, and it is a time where, the old and stagnant is being forced out of the picture.

The Ace of Swords – This card represents an “Aha!!” sort of moment; it has an energy of victory and alludes to being in a state of perfect mental acuity; Paired with the Tower, I believe the message here is one of clarity that stems from chaos; although the Tower brings a message of a more ominous nature, alluding to chaos and upheaval, the Ace of Swords augurs a much more positive message. This is not to mean that we AREN’T experiencing difficulties right now; the chaos is definitely there, for all of us (whether it is in our physical surroundings, or internal), but the Ace of Swords gives us encouragement by letting us know, that we are sooooooo close to achieving that life-changing epiphany in which, all the bullshit we have been experiencing all of a sudden makes sense. The Ace of Swords, I think, is very representative here of the fact that this week Mercury will begin picking up speed again after its retrograde phase, therefore kickstarting our mental clarity once again.

The Four of Pentacles – This card usually represents a sense of greed and over-valuing material possessions; however if we examine this on an energetic level, greed and materialism speak of someone who does not feel safe in their physical surroundings, therefore placing too much emphasis on material possessions and money which might afford us more “safety” and give us more control over our surroundings; I believe that in this reading, the Four of Pentacles is alluding to an energy of resistance within us at this time; paired with the Tower, which definitely alludes to upheaval and sudden change, I feel like the Four of Pentacles here is reminding us that, resisting change only creates more friction than is necessary. We would be better off just relaxing and allowing these necessary changes to come into our lives, and embracing them with open arms. Give up your need to be in control of every single little aspect of your life; if you need something to control and work on, I suggest working on strengthening the root chakra since this is the point where we connect to the physical realm, and attain feelings of safety within it; now THAT is something you can control;)

Overall, this reading is definitely putting forth a message that, no great change ever came without a great shit storm, and unless you are Storm from X-Men, you might as well go play in the rain and make the best of this tempest since you cannot control it or stop it. Embrace the newfound sense of mental clarity we are experiencing right now, and remember to trust in your intuition, as our friend the number 3 so kindly reminded us.

Until next weeeeeeek! Much love and light – MO